The Dahl School of Business provides its students with relevant, useful management skills and prepares them to be effective leaders. In contrast to other programs, we provide this within a personal context that emphasizes values and ethics.  Our goal is not only to turn out excellent business practitioners, but also to help them become visionaries, strategic thinkers, and principled leaders who have a sense of the common good.  Organizations today are looking for people who can make sound, ethical business decisions.

To be an effective leader and manager, an individual needs a broad knowledge of the practice of management, the workings of business and the economy, and the behavior of people. The knowledge obtained in the Dahl School of Business' Management and Leadership program will qualify the student for a broad range of beginning managerial positions and will poise the student to lead themselves, their teams, and their organizations.


The mission of the management and leadership major is to prepare learners for entry-level management and leadership positions in a variety of fields and/or further study at graduate level.

Program Goal

The goal of the management and leadership program is to prepare learners in the business core curriculum with a special focus on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to manage and lead in a global business environment.