Scholarships Make a Difference

Stories Shine a Light on Impact of Generosity

For students, receiving a scholarship can mean working two jobs instead of three, cutting back on hours working to pay the bills and investing that time into their studies, which certainly will pay dividends. Scholarships also can cut back on their post-graduation loan burden and ease the financial load for families helping their sons and daughters get through college. But it’s not just about money. Getting a scholarship is a recognition of achievement and potential and a motivation to work even harder, setting them on a path in life with a pay-it-forward attitude.

Student Stories

Aid Puts Dental School Dream in Reach for Broz

When Nicole Broz of Waterford graduated from Viterbo University with a degree in biology, she was ready to attend dental school at Marquette University with the ultimate goal of owning her own practice. 

Joe Lange Sings Praises of Scholarships

For vocal performance major Joe Lange, a scholarship's value is more than monetary. “It gives me a lot of inspiration to do well in my classes. I want to be seen as a worthy recipient.”
Kari Kipp

Viterbo Scholarships Helping Kari Kipp

Kari Kipp, a Viterbo University senior majoring in creative media design, appreciates her academic and athletics scholarships and takes great satisfaction in the fact that the scholarships mean less of a financial burden on her parents.

Benefactor Stories

Benefactors also get something out of creating scholarship funds. It might be a way for them to keep the memories of loved ones burning bright as a beacon of generosity. Or it could establish a personal legacy that will forever associate their names with caring for succeeding generations. And scholarship funds can express gratitude for past generosity from others or for the bounty that has come their way.

Jane Kirschling

Jane Kirschling: Scholarships Are a Vote of Confidence

“As dean of a nursing school with 2,000 students, I know how important scholarships are financially,” said Jane Kirschling '80. “But more importantly, it’s a vote of confidence. It says that somebody is investing in you because they believe you can succeed.”
Jay and Barbara Nick

Retiring Trustee Loves Leaving a Legacy

When Barbara Nick thought about setting up a Viterbo University scholarship fund, she wanted to be sure to give preference to nontraditional students. She knows what it’s like to be one.

Pandemic Prompts Thoughts of Legacy

Scott Romane, who graduated in 1986 with degrees in English and theatre arts education and came back for a master's degree in servant leadership, wanted something good to come of his pandemic furlough down time. So he wrote a will, designating a portion of his estate for a Viterbo scholarship fund.
Barb Skogen

Scholarship Honors a Mother's Love of Music

Barb Skogen's mother had to sacrifice and struggle to get through college, and that was part of the inspiration for establishing a scholarship for Viterbo vocal performance students in her memory.
Melissa Borsheim

Borsheims All About Building for the Future

Borton Construction owners Melissa and Paul Borsheim had done several building projects at Viterbo University over the course of a few years when they decided to do something to help Viterbo students who were building their futures.
Annette Friedewald

Scholarships Build on Friedewald Legacy

Over the course of his 24 years at Viterbo University, Marv Friedewald left an indelible mark, starting the business program in 1976 and immediately becoming the biggest booster of the university’s fledgling athletics programs.