The goal of this page is to create a one-stop location for the Viterbo community to find outlets to advocate.  Service takes many forms, especially when we can't serve in-person as easily.  Advocacy is an important part of serving our community, especially when many of our local non-profits, already hurting for resources, have been hit hard through lost fundraising dollars, lost volunteers, and other barriers. 

We hope the resources below provide you the tools to use your voice on behalf of the common good.  We hope you are able to find outlets to share your perspectives in meaningful and intentional ways.  We also hope advocating for causes, organizations, and issues you are passionate about provides space for contemplation and critical reflection.  

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or suggestions!  Email 

Find Your Cause: Click here to search the 170+ agencies in the La Crosse area that have profiles on our UGetConnected software.  By clicking their Agency Page, you can learn about their mission, vision, and how they serve our community.  This is a great tool to start finding non-profits that connect with your personal core values and to learn more bout the many service opportunities we have in the La Crosse area.  The best advice we can give is to reflect on the experiences and identities that have shaped you before choosing an agency or cause that resonates with those values.

Find Your Representatives:  While this isn't an all-inclusive list, the links below should help you find the correct representatives to direct your advocacy.  Whether it's for a specific agency or cause, it's important for decision-makers at every level of government to hear the voices of their constituents.  We have provided specific links below, but this is a good local resource that contains helpful information. 

U.S. Senators

U.S. House of Representatives

Your State Governor

State-specific Legislature Resources

La Crosse Representatives for the State of Wisconsin: Assembly Representative Jill Billings & Senate Representative Brad Pfaff 

La Crosse Representatives: County Supervisors, City Council Members, City Boards & CommitteesMayor, Neighborhood Associations.  Viterbo is located mostly in District 8 for County & City Council representation. 

Find Your Voice:  The resources below include tips for writing advocacy letters (or emails), suggestions on how to structure your points, and links to find reliable sources to support your position.  While the specific hosting websites vary, the content on each page can be helpful if you aren't sure how to frame your thoughts on any number of important issues.  

Writing Guidelines

American Psychological Association - How to Write a Letter or Email

Gallaudet University - Advocacy Guidance

Youth Catalytics Public Policy Support

Breastfeeding Niagara - Community Action Advocacy


University of Minnesota - Strategies for Gathering Reliable Information

Washington and Jefferson - Finding Reliable Websites

LibGuides for Policy Research - Bullis School