Flood Relief Fridays

Flood Relief Fridays

To provide support to our community members that have been devastated by recent flooding across the Coulee Region, we have been approved to establish a coordinated Viterbo effort to send volunteers to local communities still in need of support.  

Many times disaster relief lasts only as long as our news coverage.  This effort is intentional to provide support to communities over the duration of an entire semester, assisting at various stages of flood relief/recovery efforts.  

This page will be utilized to coordinate registration as space is limited to 40 volunteers each trip.  The cap of 40 volunteers each Friday is intentional to spread Viterbo's service throughout the course of the recovery stages.  It will also allow communities to better utilize our group wthout being overwhelmed. If each Friday doesn't hit 40, we will still travel with the amount of volunteers we have.  

Important information is located below the registration links, so please read everything to ensure you are prepared to serve to the best of your ability. 

*Future Dates/Locations will be determined on a rolling basis*

*Signup will be closed as spaces fill.* 



CLICK HERE to sign up to volunteer with us in Coon Valley on 10/19.

*This will be the last Flood Relief Friday this semester*

*Signup will be closed as spaces fill.* 

Timeline for 10/19:

8:00a - Depart Viterbo *All volunteers should eat lunch on their own before departing.  Meals will not be provided*  Small snacks/water will be provided on the bus.

~12:30pm Arrive back to Viterbo

*Specific return times will depend on which community we are serving.  We will adjust this after assessing the community needs, distance from La Crosse, and the condition of our group/projects each Friday.*

This accessible day/time was selected to allow Viterbo employees, Friday afternoon classes, and various populations of students to serve.  


*All volunteers must wear long pants/jeans, long sleeves, and closed-toe shoes*  Failure to dress appropriately may result in being turned away from service. Water proof boots recommended.

Thanks to generous donations and instititional support, Viterbo University will be providing the following for our volunteers: waterproof gloves, waterproof boot protectors, safe transportation, eye protection, reflective vests, facemasks, first aid kits, hand sanitizer, and tool kits.  These items will be distributed on the bus and should be returned after each Friday.  

After careful consideration, we decided to include these items to stay within our scope of service and be good stewards of our resources.  Many communities need capable people to physically help with various stages of recovery.  While we are not a disaster relief or specialized skill (carpentry, etc) organzation, Viterbo is home to many people who value serving others in meaningful ways.  We thought these supplies would be most flexible for the largest variety of projects as flood relief efforts evolve over time.  A goal with providing these supplies is to remove as much burden of hosting from local communities as possible while also providing a high level of safety to our Viterbo folks.  


At this time, please direct any clothing or household items (ex: coffee makers, etc) to other local agencies (ex: Salvation Army Thrift Store).  Several communities have expressed they are not in a position to receive/sort these items yet as cleanup and recovery is still a more immediate need. 

Thank You

On behalf of the communities you'll be serving alongside, thank you for offering your time and energy to assist folks who have been devastated and continue to rebuild their lives.  

Also, thank you to Mathy Construction and Badger Sportsmen's Club for generous supply donations to keep our volunteers safe.


If you have any questions or concerns about Flood Relief Fridays, please contact Colin Burns-Gilbert at cgburnsgilbert@viterbo.edu or 608-796-3846.