Student Organization Descriptions, Contact Info
Art Club 

The main mission of the Art Club is to nurse the innate creative spirit of every individual within our community. It hopes to help our student artists expand their methods of self-expression through the meetings and open studios. It desires to create a more solidified artistic community with a more unified voice at Viterbo University. It hopes to show the public how all benefit from the merits of fine art by creating artistic influence through art openings, sales, workshops, and speakers. The Viterbo Art Club provides its members an artistic environment that allows them to grow critically and intellectually for the betterment of their future and their community's future.

Advisor: Lisa Schoenfielder,
President: Michaela Bryant,

Breaking Barriers Diversity Club

The Breaking Barriers Diversity Club’s mission is to bring awareness to the student body and faculty about different issues involving race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies. Our focus is on giving students a safe and positive environment to discuss the issues that are going on in the world today and coming up with solutions that can help affect our campus and community in a positive way. Our goal is for members of the club to understand the individuality and uniqueness of others and to embrace and celebrate each other’s differences.​ 

Advisors: Michelle Pinzl, and Kristin Roslansky,
President: TBD

Community Wellness Club

The Community Wellness Club is concerned with taking a holistic approach to promote community wellness through service and involvement within the community. It is based on the belief that anyone can help to promote the well-being of the community and its members through acts of service and support.

Advisor: Lynne Kuhl,
President: Hillary Covington,

DNA Club

The DNA Club supports the biology, chemistry, biochemistry, sports science, mathematics, and environmental sustainability majors; assists those involved; builds community within the sciences; and helps to provide a more enjoyable atmosphere throughout all aspects of students’ educational experiences. 

Advisors: Scott Gabriel,
President: TBD

Education Club 

The Viterbo Education Club is composed of students, not only education majors, but also any students who are interested in educational leadership and working in a professional environment. Members will gain a greater sense of responsibility, professionalism, and leadership by participating in professional and social opportunities in the La Crosse and Viterbo communities. Members will create a balance of teamwork, opportunities, and experiences of positive outreach to the community as well as enforce Viterbo values to build acceptance and awareness of all others’ backgrounds. 

Advisors: Josh Lichty,
President: Dayonna Bolton,


A community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world. Enactus serves neighboring communities by partnering with local agencies and organizations to design and implement social entrepreneurship projects. 

Advisor: Maria Morgan-Bathke,
President: Mariah Studinski,

Global Outreach Club 

Dedicated to serving global communities through campus fundraising projects, and providing students and community members with opportunities to learn about global issues and the impact they can make on other communities around the world.

Advisor: TBD
President: Sierra Lyon,

Headbands for Hope  

Empowers young children who are battling cancer by bringing awareness to the disease through education, donations, and sales events on campus and in the surrounding community. For every headband purchased, one is given to a child battling cancer to help brighten their day and make them feel beautiful. In addition to gifting headbands, the Headbands of Hope organization gives large donations to a myriad of organizations with similar missions in combating cancer. Our goal as a campus club is to help restore confidence to children battling cancer by providing them with fashionable headbands and help Headbands of Hope work towards a cure for cancer.

Advisor: TBD
President: Wyatt Cook,

Love Your Melon (LYM) Campus Crew 

LYM is creating a community of like-minded individuals motivated by the experience of making a difference in the lives of kids battling cancer. Our mission is to give a hat to every child battling cancer in America. Personally giving Love Your Melon hats creates therapeutic experiences that have a positive impact on children’s lives during treatment. LYM accomplishes this by engaging college students who believe in making a difference.

Advisor: Emilio Alvarez,
President: TBD


Campus newspaper. For more information, contact advisor or student listed below.  

Advisor: Jacqueline Herbers,
Student Contact: CJ Trussoni,


The Magnify student organization mission is to provide Viterbo University students opportunities to:

  • form a personal relationship with God in Christ and the Holy Spirit 
  • become an active member in the Christian community
  • respond to a call to mission to bring the message and love of Christ to all humanity 

These opportunities are provided to the Viterbo student community through:

  • A once-a-semester weekend retreat for students to experience Christianity as Christ's first disciples did. Led by Viterbo University student leaders.
  • Regular small group meetings and Bible studies during the academic year.
  • A variety of opportunities that encompass reflection, local service, social, community building, and ongoing leadership formation. 

Advisor: Emilio Alvarez,
President: Emily Pachan,

Miracle at Viterbo 

Miracle at Viterbo - Dance Marathon is a student-led club that works year round to raise funds and awareness for the local Children's Miracle Network Hospital to benefit local kids and families facing childhood illnesses. Our efforts culminate in a fall event where we dance for seven hours without sitting, sleeping, or drinking caffeine to show symbolic support for the kids who never get a break from their illnesses. We are #forthekids!

Advisor: Hilaree Alexander,

President: Elayna Gutsch,

Philosophical Inquiry Club 

This club's mission to provide an intellectual community for the advancement of meaningful discourse on campus. The club promotes aspects of thinking such as formal logic, critical thinking, clear articulation of ideas, synthesis of group thoughts, and clear argumentation. 

Advisor: TBD
President: CJ Trussoni,

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

For more information, contact advisor or student below.   

Advisor: TBD
President: Nicole Sanders,

Student Activities Board (SAB) 

For more information, contact advisor or student below. 

Advisor: TBD
President: Madison Zloto,

Student Government Association (SGA) 

For more information, contact advisor or student below. 

Advisor: Kirsten Gabriel,
President: Thomas Krob,

Social Work Club 

Promotes awareness within the Viterbo community of the social work profession and educates and advocates for social causes, through coordinating events on campus and in the local community.

Advisor: Jennifer Anderson-Meger,
President: TBD

Spanish Club 

The Spanish Club promotes awareness and interest about Spanish-speaking countries and their culture. The club aims to entice club members and Viterbo students to become aware of issues surrounding Spanish-speaking countries and to take action. The club engages in fun, culturally-integrated activities to help others open their eyes to a new way of life.

Advisors: Michelle Pinzl,
President: ​Melissa Edgar,

Student Alumni Ambassadors 

The Student Alumni Ambassadors (SAA) organization promotes networking between current Viterbo students and alumni. We encourage volunteering and giving back to the university.

Advisor: Kathy Duerwachter,
President: Patrick Bogard,

Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) 

SAAC provides a communication link between varsity athletes and the athletic administration, encouraging communication and unity among and between varsity athletes and teams. SAAC increases athletic programs involvement and awareness on campus and in the community.

Advisor: Wayne Wagner,
President: TBD

Student Dietetics Association (SDA) 

SDA's mission is to create a positive, educational environment where members learn about different aspects of nutrition through fundraising, volunteering and team bonding events. SDA's main events include a spaghetti dinner, an apple pie sale, and a chocolate fundraiser.

Advisor: Carol Klitzke,
President: Emily Weiss,

Student National Association of Teachers of Singing (SNATS)

SNATS is dedicated to the development, education, and vocal health of singers and their teachers. The Viterbo chapter aims to provide more opportunities for experiencing music, learning teaching technique, and performance practices by hosting scholarly discussions and bringing in professional master class technicians.

Advisor: Daniel Johnson-Wilmot,
President: ​Kaitlyn Gaudynski,

Student Sustainability Club

For more information, contact the advisor or student listed below.  

Advisor: Karen Hurtgen,
President: Bailey Benson,

Student Veterans of America (SVA) 

SVA provides student veterans at Viterbo University with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and beyond.

Advisor: Keith Purnell,
President: Curtis Petersen,


Tri-Beta is part of the National Biological Society and meets once a month. It focuses on volunteering, hosting activities, and research. Tri-Beta gives students opportunities to participate in volunteer work and other activities, and meet other students within the science department. 

Advisor: Charles Lawrence,
President: Damon Schmalzriedt,

United Nations of Viterbo 

Viterbo’s international club celebrates cultural diversity. The club promotes and encourages a cultural exchange between nations through opportunities for friendship, understanding, and the social interests of members. 

Advisor: Melissa Giefer, 
President: Jessie Benson,

V-Hawks for Life 

Founded in January 2013, V-Hawks for Life organizes and motivates pro-life students on campus. V-Hawks for Life members work to protect life from conception to natural death, particularly those lives threatened by abortion, infanticide, embryonic stem cell research and euthanasia. In furtherance of these goals, members seek to promote respect for life  at Viterbo and on a local, state and national level, to educate on life issues, to help those in need so that life is a promising choice, and to work with others who share common goals.

Advisor: Emilio Alvarez,  
President: Alyssa Weiss,

Viterbo Improv!

For more information, contact advisor or student listed below.

Advisor: Erin Jerozal,
President: Jenna Perock,

Viterbo's Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)  

The SHRM mission for students is to help create better-prepared entry-level HR professionals through education, assessment, competencies, and internships—leading to better- informed professionals entering the workforce due to proper training and education through the SHRM club.

Advisors: TBD

President: Janie Larsen,

Viterbo Student Nurses Association (VSNA) 

This student club emphasizes health and nursing techniques, and promotes a strong sense of community service in La Crosse and surrounding areas.

Advisors: Jennifer Schmaltz,; Julie Meyers,
President: Kelsi Rufenacht,

Viterbo University Pride 

We aim to create a welcoming, accepting, and safe place on Viterbo’s campus for people of all sexual orientations.

Advisor: Matthew Bersagel-Braley,
Co-Presidents: Theo Braman,

VU College Democrats 

To promote a better America, with equality, opportunity, and freedom within a just and strong society, VU College Democrats dedicate ourselves to organizing the participation of progressive college students at Viterbo University. 

Advisor: TBD
President: Sarah Reicks,


For more information, contact advisor or student below. 

Advisor: TBD
President: Jared Wilson,