Start Your Own Student Organization

Come up with an idea, or maybe you already have one; organizations are started for social, recreational, academic, current issue/hot topic, etc. purposes. All organizations must be started by students. Here's what you need to do to get started:

  1. Find at least three friends who are also interested in your organization (must be currently enrolled students at Viterbo). Membership must also be open to any Viterbo student.
  2. Find an advisor who supports your idea and is a Viterbo faculty or staff member.
  3. Complete the Application for Student Organization Status.
    • Create your organization's by-laws (constitution) and mission statement and submit them via the Application for Student Organization Status linked above.
    • Review the Student Organization and Sports Club Handbook. The most updated version is on our Sharepoint which requires Viterbo log-in.  Must do so before you submit your application.
  4. Correspond in person or through email with campus activities or recreational sports regarding any additional training that needs to be completed. A meeting will most likely be requested.
  5. Once your application has been processed, the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs will mail you an official status letter.

If at any time you have questions throughout the start up process, contact Colin Burns-Gilbert (student organizations) or Marci Iverson (sport clubs).

All University Recognized Organizations Receive These Benefits

  • Maintaining an account with the Viterbo University Business Office. This also allows your organization to use the Viterbo tax exempt status on purchases—saving your group money.
  • Requesting funds from SGA to support activities.
  • Reserving and using Viterbo University facilities for meetings and events.

  • Promoting meetings and activities through Viterbo communications.

  • Promoting your organization through the website and the student affairs offices and departments.

  • Receiving invitations to roundtables and the fairs.