Employee Directory

Image First Name Last Name Departments Location Phone Email Position
Eugene Alberts Business Office MRC 214 608-796-3849 eralberts@viterbo.edu Assistant Vice President; Finance
Deb Alexander-Friet Library MRC 128 608-796-3265 dafriet@viterbo.edu Cataloging Services Librarian
Michael Alfieri Biology, Biopsychology, Environmental Biology, Clinical Lab Science, Sport Science and Leadership RCE 217 608-796-3465 msalfieri@viterbo.edu Associate Professor/Chair
Nancy Allen School of Fine Arts, Music Department FAC 404 608-796-3763 nlallen@viterbo.edu Associate Professor
Brandi Alonzo Athletics AMC 121 608-796-3129 bvalonzo@viterbo.edu Head Softball Coach
Emilio Alvarez Campus Ministry MRC 340 608-796-3805 ebalvarez@viterbo.edu Assistant Director
Andrew Anderson Instructional and Information Technology MRC 201 608-796-3866 aranderson@viterbo.edu Programmer/Analyst
Debra Randall Anderson Adult, Graduate, and International Admissions, Adult Learning FAC 115 608-796-3371 drandallanderson@viterbo.edu Admission Counselor
Judy Anderson School of Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Graduate Program in Nursing NRC 516 608-796-3680 jkanderson@viterbo.edu Professor
Jennifer Anderson-Meger Social Work, Master of Arts in Servant Leadership MRC 519 608-796-3722 jimeger@viterbo.edu Professor/Chair
Jeannette Armstrong Master of Arts in Education MRC 441 608-796-3395 jearmstrong@viterbo.edu Director, Graduate Programs in Education
Richard Artman President's Office RCE 103 608-796-3003 rbartman@viterbo.edu President
Kyle Backstrand Chemistry, Biochemistry RCE 212 608-796-3474 kmbackstrand@viterbo.edu Professor
Ruth Badciong Master of Arts in Education MRC 443 608-796-3388 rebadciong@viterbo.edu Program Specialist; WI Graduate Early Childhood Education and Cross-categorical Special Education
William Bakalars Psychology MRC 550 608-796-3716 wrbakalars@viterbo.edu Assistant Professor
Carl Bargabos School of Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing NRC 421 608-796-3677 crbargabos@viterbo.edu Associate Professor
Kenneth Barrett Athletics BRC 231 608-796-3127 kjbarrett@viterbo.edu Women's Golf Coach
Sandra Bartel Communications and Marketing RCE 007 608-796-3047 skbartel@viterbo.edu Administrative Assistant
Mark Bateman Instructional and Information Technology MRC 201 608-796-3862 mabateman@viterbo.edu Programmer/Analyst
David Bauer Psychology, Biopsychology RCE 215 608-796-3712 djbauer@viterbo.edu Associate Professor
Annie Baumann Library MRC 109 608-796-3278 albaumann@viterbo.edu Electronic Services and Instruction Librarian
Paula Baus Adult, Graduate, and International Admissions, Adult Learning FAC 115 608-796-3370 pjbaus@viterbo.edu Administrative Assistant (pt)
Sarah Bearbower Instructional and Information Technology MRC 217 608-796-3860 sjbearbower@viterbo.edu Director
Michael Behan Dahl School of Business BRC 108 608-796-3378 mkbehan@viterbo.edu Associate Professor/Division Chair
Donna Benden School of Education MRC 406 608-796-3383 djbenden@viterbo.edu Co-coordinator; School of Education Programs (pt)