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April 3, 2020 Email to Students Currently Residing on Campus

Good morning VHawks,

I hope this email finds you and your loved ones well and healthy.  As has been the case for many universities around the country, we’ve been approached by the City of La Crosse and our local hospitals regarding potential use of our campus facilities, including some of our residence halls, to support our community during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Everyone, including all of us at Viterbo University, need to do our part. Our community has identified temporary housing for local health care professionals as one of its most pressing needs.  As Wisconsin’s COVID-19 cases are expected to peak in late April, we believe it is best to empty as many housing units as possible to keep you and your belongings safe and offer as much support as we can to our community when the need is the greatest.  Therefore, we are asking everyone who is able to please retrieve their belongings from campus by Monday, April 13.

We recognize that some of you will not be able to retrieve your belongings before April 13 for various reasons. We are happy to tailor our accommodations for different student populations in the following ways:

  • Bonaventure Hall Residents: One of the primary community needs that has been identified is temporary housing for our local health care personnel who have not contracted COVID-19 but are working tirelessly on the front lines.  Bonaventure Hall has been identified as a space that could be utilized to meet that community need. We will secure the rooms and the belongings of Bonaventure residents who are not able to return to campus by Monday, April 13; but please note: to ensure student safety, after April 13, Bona residents will not be able to access those secured rooms until the crisis has passed.
  • Marian Hall and Campus Apartment Residents: While Bonaventure Hall has been identified as our first tier response to community needs, there may be a need to utilize other residential facilities to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.  Residents of Marian Hall and campus apartments are currently able to return to campus after April 12 to retrieve their belongings at this point. However, we encourage you to retrieve your belongings as soon as possible as your ability to come to campus to retrieve your belongings after that April 12 date may be revoked if we need to utilize additional facilities to support our community partners.

For your convenience, we’ve included the link to sign up for a move out date HERE. If you have any questions regarding move out, please email us!

Lastly, we recognize that many of you have been approved to remain on campus during this time.  Please know you can continue to remain on campus—it continues to be our top priority to provide you with safe housing throughout this semester and into the summer, as needed.

We greatly appreciate your continued flexibility and support as we work to meet the needs of our students, first and foremost, while doing our part to keep our community as safe and healthy as possible.

Have a great VHawk Day!


March 18, 2020 Resident Emails (combined)

As you have seen by now, Viterbo University has made the challenging decision to transition to online classes for the remainder of the semester. Please read this email in its entirety.

While operations on campus are severely limited, please know that those who have been approved to stay on campus are able to remain here for the entire semester. Previously agreed to regulations (no guests, etc.) will stand. If you are a student who was approved to remain on campus but has since decided to stay home, please let me know immediately by replying to this email.

For those of you not currently on campus, we will be offering staggered move-out times throughout the coming months for you to be able to retrieve your belongings. There is no rush to move you out. In an effort to continue to keep you and other members of our community as safe as possible, we will be limiting the number of folks able to check out of each building daily in order to practice social distancing and avoid large crowds. Please USE THIS REVISED QUALTRICS FORM to preference a time to move your belongings off campus. You will receive a conformation email with your date within 24 hours. IDs will only work during your confirmed move-out day.

Express check out envelopes will be taped to your door when you arrive – please remove your belongings, drop your key(s) into the envelope, and place the sealed/signed envelope inside of the express checkout box located at the Student Union front desk. Please note, the first step on the envelope (sign up on your RA’s door) does not apply in this circumstance.

If you have questions regarding partial refunds, please refer to the University email message sent yesterday (3/17); this email is also available on the University's COVID-19 website under University Communications.  Student Life will be open and operating during our normal business hours (9am-4pm). Please call 608-796-3844 or email with any questions. Please know we will continue to be here for you virtually!


  • Please leave lofts and rented minifridges in rooms. Please leave any furniture or non-perishable food donations in the lounge on your floor.
  • Carts, vacuums, etc. are not available to check out to slow the spread of COVID-19.
  • While we ask you to clean your rooms to the best of your ability, we will be deep cleaning all rooms in the coming months. We do not have cleaning supplies available at this time. PLEASE remove all garbage from your room into regular dumpsters.
  • You will not be fined for minor damages in your room.
  • Those with current belongings in storage units need to empty them to the best of their abilities. We are not able to provide storage units for next year’s housing assignments at this point; please bring ALL belongings home.
  • Please complete the express checkout envelope that is taped to your door (if there are multiple envelopes, leave the rest on the door), place your key(s) inside, and drop the sealed and signed envelope in the checkout box at the Union front desk.
  • Please email when you are finished moving.
March 12, 2020 Resident Email

Like many institutions across the country, Viterbo University has decided to take additional steps to protect the health of our campus and community and do our part to help contain the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).  As such, the difficult decision has been made that residents are expected to temporarily leave campus as soon as possible. This email is designed to provide guidance and support during this challenging time. 

 First and foremost, we recognize the actions that many universities, including Viterbo, are taking pose significant challenges. This is not how any of us anticipated our semester taking shape. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we attempt to do our part to protect our communities and their most vulnerable members.

What You Need to Know:

  • Student IDs are currently active for you to briefly remove any essential items (academic materials, medications, etc.) from campus. Please remember to sign-up for a move-out time via the link above; those who have been approved to stay on campus do not need to fill out this form at this point.  
  • Returning home represents a vital gesture of care for those who can’t leave campus.  Our expectation is that the vast majority of residents return home. Examples of those who may apply to remain on campus include international students, students living at a prohibitive distance from the University, seniors participating in a field experience who cannot remain at home (as of 3/19/20, this criteria is irrelevant given the move to virtual field experiences), or those who are financially dependent on La Crosse area employment.  Please contact the Residence Life office via the link below if you have questions!
  • Please note that housing policies will be strictly enforced during this period for all who have been approved to stay on campus.  Guests ARE NOT permitted on campus at any point during this temporary closure.

 While some of you may not feel that you will be directly impacted by COVID-19, please remember that you are members of a larger community and could carry disease to those with compromised immune systems or other higher-risk individuals. There is no vaccine at this time and we are learning more about this rapidly-spreading disease every day. We ask everyone to consider the safety and health of our entire community as you prepare to temporarily move home.

 Please contact our office if you have questions – know that we will continue to provide you with support and guidance throughout this temporary closure. 



For the most up-to-date information regarding the University's actions and communications, please visit Viterbo University's COVID-19 response website.

STAR 2020 Resources

While we're disappointed we weren't able to meet you in person during STAR, we have put together the following resources to give you as much information as possible regarding life on campus at Viterbo. If you have further questions, you are welcome to contact Margy Frazier in Student Life, or anonymously text questions to 608-432-5779. 


More than 600 students choose to live on campus each year and claim Viterbo as their "home away from home." Local and national research shows that students who live on campus for at least their first year of college are retained at higher rates, are more involved in co-curricular activities, are more connected to the university community, and graduate faster than students who live off campus. Our mascot, Vic the V-Hawk, even has his own Top 10 Reasons to Live on Campus.

Whether you currently live on campus, are looking to move back on campus, or are a student new to Viterbo, we're here to help! Pages created specifically for current students, prospective students, and parents are available on the right. For more information about living on campus, follow those links or call our office at 608-796-3116.

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