Resources for Parents

The residence life staff understands how important it is for parents to be reassured that their child is leaving home for an environment that has their child's best interest at heart. We understand that sending your child off to college, especially for the first time, sparks a whole host of emotions. We have created this page to address some of the questions and concerns with a parent's point of view in mind.

Move-in Day

New students will move in on Thursday, Aug. 24, 2023, between 8 a.m. and noon. Information from New Student Orientation (and some details about Move-In) will be posted online on the New Student Orientation website in July. More information regarding move-in and roommates will be mailed to students in July. Questions about move-in can be directed to

Dining Services

Viterbo University dining services staff is dedicated to providing each student with as much personalized service as possible. Students who have special dietary needs may meet with the appropriate dining services staff member to discuss menu options. Dining services is open seven days a week; complete hours are available on their website.

Substance-free Environment 

Viterbo University is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment free of illicit drugs and the unlawful use or abuse of alcohol. We recognize that the use or consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs can adversely impact academic achievement, personal development, health, and safety. Individuals who violate university policy, local, state, or federal regulations are subject to arrest and/or disciplinary sanctions including, but not limited to, required assessment, treatment, restrictions, or expulsion.

Health Services

The student health services office is located in Murphy Center 340. Health services is staffed by a full-time registered nurse who is here to provide your student with the best possible care.

Safety and Security

We take campus safety and security seriously. The main entrances to each of our halls are locked 24 hours a day/seven days a week. Students assigned to a particular hall use their university student identification card to gain access to their assigned hall. Only residents and their authorized guests are allowed to be in the halls. Students may be escorted across campus or to/from parking lots by contacting the security office at 608-796-3911. A security officer and residence life staff member are on campus or on-call at all times. Fire drills are conducted each semester to familiarize residents with evacuation procedures. For more information, see Campus Safety.

Viterbo Speaks Up

Viterbo University’s Student Affairs division, in collaboration with the Diversity Committee, is excited to officially launch Viterbo Speaks Up, a new website where students, employees, and family members can report crimes, worrisome behaviors, harassment, sexual violence or assault, hate/bias discrimination, violations of the Viterbo University Student Code of Conduct, and other issues and concerns. Viterbo University is committed to providing a safe, educational environment for all members of our community, and by both speaking up and encouraging others to do so, you help make that happen. Visit the Viterbo Speaks Up website to learn more! 

Staying in Touch, Showing You Care

Although most students will never admit it, they appreciate it when loved ones stay in touch with care packages, phone calls, email, etc. Send letters, pictures, and little notes of encouragement around high stress times such as finals week. Our Residence Hall Council offers a finals care package special at the end of each semester; information will be sent to your home prior to finals week. On-campus Mail information.

Hall Staff Interaction With Your Student

The Resident Assistant (RA) is asked to get to know every student on their floor. The RA serves as a peer resource person and will work to share important information with your student. Each RA is expected to be very observant and help university staff with the success of residence hall living. The residence life staff will sponsor activities designed to foster interaction among hall members. There are two full-time employees providing overall leadership within the halls and will make themselves available for one-on-one conversations with residents. Three full-time employees live on campus, and are available in case of emergencies. 

Questions and Answers

If you are looking for more information, feel free to check out our Top 20 Questions Parents Ask.