Housing Selection Process

Updated Deadlines

  • Returning student 2024 housing selection will take place March 18-20.
    • Priority deadline for returning students is March 8.
  • Incoming student housing selection takes place mid-summer
    • Priority deadline for incoming students is July 1.
  • Incoming Spring students will be manually placed but still need to complete the housing contract, deposit, and roommate profile.

How do I request and select housing?

  1. Fill out your housing contract and pay your deposit
  2. Your roommate profile and the roommate selection process will not be available to complete until spring.
  3. Search for and match with roommates within Self-Service (please note, it will take up to 48 hours for your deposit to show up in Self-Service)
  4. Select housing at your assigned time!

Housing at Viterbo is assigned based on class standing. To learn more about the process for each class, click below!

Both national and institutional research show that students who live on campus earn better grades, graduate faster, and have a more satisfying college experience. With this in mind, Viterbo requires all first-year and sophomores to live in university housing. 


Did You Know?

  • Viterbo's housing selection for returning students takes place in March and new students takes place in July, so you still have time to apply!

  • Many students find on-campus living to be a safer, simpler, cost-effective alternative to living off-campus.

  • Studies show that students who live on campus tend to get better grades, graduate faster, and have a more satisfying college experience!
  • Utilities (including heat!) and laundry facilities are free.

  • Campus Security is available 24/7 and there are secured entrances to each hall.

  • RAs are a free resource! This includes roommate mediation, providing programming opportunities, and building a community on the floor.

  • You don't have to sign a lease; your housing contract covers from Fall move-in to Spring move-out (Summer housing is an option as well!).

  • There is additional scholarship opportunities for those in housing.

  • You have the opportunity to choose your own room through our housing selection process

  • It's easier to stay involved across campus and you can sleep in later.

  • Furniture is supplied and maintenance is an email away. 

First-year Students

First-year students select housing in Bonaventure Hall and Marian Hall. Housing selection times are based on contract submission date and housing deposit date. 

Sophomore Students

All sophomores are required to live on campus. Your housing assignment will be  in one of our sophomore housing facilities (Rose, McDonald, or Treacy). Information regarding selecting your roommates and your housing assignments will be sent to your Viterbo email account in early Spring semester. 

Housing selection time will be honored based on housing deposit date and ability to fill an apartment. Students who do not complete the selection process will be randomly assigned (and billed for) on-campus housing. All second-year students will be placed in sophomore housing regardless of their projected graduation date. 

Updated housing videos are available on the individual building pages for Rose and McDonald.

Junior Students

Students with junior status (by federal admit term) who request to live on campus by the published deadline are eligible to live in La Verna, Clare, and other apartments as space is available. Students who do not submit a housing contract or submit one after the deadline will not be included in the lottery process and may be placed on the on-campus housing waitlist. 

Junior Housing Selection will take place in late March. Selection times will be determined via housing deposit date. You will only be able to select an apartment at your assigned time if you are ale to completely fill an apartment. Please note that 1) a less restrictive guest policy is in effect for both La Verna and Clare and 2) upper-class students have until May 1 to withdraw their housing contract for a full refund.  

Informal housing videos can be found here: La Verna Part 1 and Part 2

Senior Students

Students with senior status (by federal admit date) who request to live on-campus will be provided housing as space is available. Selection time slots will be determined via a lottery system, with groups filling an entire apartment taking priority. Seniors interested in living on campus should submit a housing contract by the published deadline. Students who do not submit a contract or submit it after the deadline will not be included in the lottery process and may be placed on the on-campus housing waitlist.

Senior Housing Selection will take place in late March prior to placement of Juniors. Waitlists will be established for those not granted on-campus housing; spaces will be offered to waitlisted students as they become available. Please note that 1) a graduated guest policy will be in effect for both La Verna and Clare and 2) upper-class students have until May 1 to withdraw their housing contract for a full refund.  

More information and photos for apartment options can be found here: Clare and La Verna 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • I am a first-year student/sophomore who signed a lease. Can I be refunded for the rest of the semester? You are responsible for the entire semester's housing charges unless you apply for and are granted an exemption. Signing of a lease does not release you from your campus housing contract. 
  • If I came in with extra credits, which housing selection will I participate in? For the purpose of housing, class status (first-year student, sophomore, junior, senior) is determined by year of admission, not credit hours. This means that if you are entering your second year at Viterbo and you came in as a new first-year student, you would participate in the sophomore housing selection process. 
  • How many people can I live with? Viterbo apartments house anywhere from two people (Clare, La Verna) to four people (Treacy). 
  • I'd like a private room. How do I get one? Guaranteed private rooms are available online in three-bedroom Treacy apartments and Clare. We will honor requests to buy out singles as space allows, prioritizing medical singles over all other requests. 
  • I was granted an exemption my first year. Do I need to reapply sophomore year? Nope! The exemption form only needs to be completed once.
  • Can Juniors and Seniors live together? Yes! The group will take part in the selection during the Junior housing selection time period.
  • I signed up to live on campus, but I changed my mind. Can I cancel my contract? Cancellation from the housing contract is possible for Juniors and Seniors before the academic year begins by filling out this form, but the financial impact changes on a sliding scale. 
    • Housing sign up through May 1:  Cancellation of contract possible. $100 housing deposit returned.
    • May 1 through Aug. 1: Cancellation of contract possible. Housing deposit not returned. 
    • August 1 through start of fall classes: Cancellation of contract possible. $500 fine applies. 
    • Start of fall classes through end of academic year: Contracts cannot be cancelled. 
Catholic Living Community

Interested in applying for a Catholic Living Community? Find more information here: https://www.viterbo.edu/mission-and-ministry/catholic-living-community

For 2024-25, this is only available to sophomore through senior students.