Rec League Basketball Rules

League schedules will be posted on IMLeagues.

General Procedures
  1. All participants must register on IMLeagues and be accepted by the captain 15 minutes prior to the game they wish to play. Upon the start of a competition, the Rec Sports staff will check all rosters to ensure eligibility. Players who do not appear on a team's roster will be classified as ineligible and will be required to register before being allowed to play.
  2. No roster additions will be allowed after the completion of regular season play.
  3. Default vs Forfeit - Any team knowing in advance that they will be unable to play a regularly scheduled game has the opportunity to default.  If a team defaults, they will receive a loss in the standings, an “Exceptional Sports” sportsmanship rating, and does not count as a forfeit.  In order for a team to default, the team captain must contact the Intramural Sports Office or league coordinator by 5:00 p.m. on the day prior to their contest.  Otherwise, it is considered a forfeit.  If a team forfeits, they will receive a loss in the standings and a “Needs Improvement” sportsmanship rating. If that team forfeits the equivalent of another night of play, they will be eliminated for the remainder of the season.
  4. Teams must arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled start time to insure that the event runs on schedule.
  5. All players must have their valid I.D. card at the appropriate playing area in order to play.
  6. Teams must present their I.D.’s to the Mathy Welcome Center Desk to enter the facility and must present their I.D. to the site supervisor to check-in prior to play that night.
  7. Any player that is bleeding must leave the game immediately. The bleeding must be stopped and the wound securely covered with a bandage before the player can continue. If there is blood on any clothing or jersey, it must be changed before the player resumes play.
  8. Players are responsible for their own foul and line calls. Players resolve their own disputes.
  9. The Site Supervisor is responsible for recording scores, running clock, and keeping order.  The Site Supervisor has the authority to eject any player for unsportsmanlike behavior (profanity, fighting, and participating in a contest under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, etc.). See Rec League Handbook for more details.
Game Format
  • Each team must have at least 3 players present to begin game play. Teams may play with 3-5 players on the court. If a team does not have 3 players at game time, they will forfeit the contest.
  • If a team falls below 4 eligible players during a contest due to injury or ejection, play can continue, but that team must compete shorthanded. If a team falls below 3 players they will forfeit the contest.
  • There is no limit to the number of varsity athletes that may be on a roster, but only two varsity basketball players are allowed to play on the court for a team at one time. A varsity player is defined as anyone who is currently on a varsity roster or anyone who was on a varsity roster the previous academic year.
  • Games will begin with a coin toss or odd/even to determine possession.
  • Games will consist of 2 twelve minute halves with a running clock.
  • Half-time will be 3 minutes long.
  • Jump ball goes to the defensive team
  • Each team is allowed 1 thirty second time out per half.
  • The clock is stopped during the final 1 minute of the first half and final 2 minutes of the second half
  • Teams must pass the ball to start play following checks.
  • Substitutions can be made on dead-balls or scores, but ONLY with the acknowledgement of both teams. The ball will then be checked at the top of the key before play begins again. Players looking to sub in should check in with the Site Supervisor.
  • Out of bounds perimeter is marked in black including the full court center line.
  • A team calling a timeout immediately after a made basket by the other team will inbound the ball from underneath the opponent’s hoop with the ability to run the baseline. This means that the team will need to go the length of the floor to score. Only if the team advances the ball past half court before calling timeout will they be able to check the ball into play.
  • Overtime: A 2 minute overtime period will be played. Possession for the overtime period will be determined by a coin toss with the call made by the home team. During the regular season, only 2 overtime periods will be played, if the game is still tied at the completion of the overtime periods, the game will be scored as a tie. During championship night, there is no limit to the number of overtime periods.
  • Clock stoppages will occur in overtime as they would in the final one minute of the first half and final two minutes of the second half

Stalling goes against the fun principles of basketball. An "unwritten 30-second Clock" is in effect at all times, and may be enforced by the Site Supervisor at their sole discretion.

  • Stalling will NOT be allowed at any time during the game.
  • A verbal warning will be given to the offense if a shot has not been attempted within 30-seconds of the ball being inbound.
  • If a team is warned for stalling, the Site Supervisor will administer a 10-second count during which a shot must be attempted. If a shot is not attempted, ball possession will be lost.

Teams will call their own fouls. An individual player cannot foul out of the game, but may be ejected for due cause by the Site Supervisor.

  • Both the offense and the defense will call fouls (if you are fouled, call the foul - If you foul someone, call the foul)
  • First 4 team fouls
    • Defensive fouls: missed shot = possession back; made shot = basket counts and change of possession.
    • Offensive fouls: ball will change possession
  • 5 or more team fouls, beginning with the fifth team foul, the player fouled will be awarded 1 free throw (rebound).
    • Made free throw: player will be awarded an additional free throw (rebound)
    • Missed free throw: ball is live and available for rebound.
  • 10 or more team fouls, the player fouled will be awarded 2 free throws (rebound after second shot).
    • Made second free throw: opposing team will inbound the ball from the baseline
    • Missed second free throw: ball is live and available for rebound.
  • Free throws will not be awarded to any player drawing a charge or offensive foul, no matter how many team fouls the other team may have. Any charges or offensive fouls will simply result in a change of possession.
  • Fouls WILL carry over into the second half and overtime period.
Dunking Policy

In addition to following and abiding by all Intramural Rules and Regulations, participants are also expected to follow all facility regulations. The policy at the Mathy Center is that there is no dunking or hanging on the rims.

During intramural basketball, any player that grasps the rim will be considered to have dunked the ball.  The rim does not have to be physically pulled down in order to be considered a dunk for intramural purposes. To make sure that all players abide by this rule, it will be easier to have no one touch the rim at all. In addition to no touching the rim, players are not allowed to slap the backboard.

THERE ARE NO WARNINGS! If a player dunks, hangs on the rim, or slaps the backboard, they will be ejected from the league and have to go through the process of regaining eligibility as is stated in the Rec League Handbook.

Reporting Scores
  • Final scores and team sportsmanship ratings must be reported to the Site Supervisor.
  • If you have another game, always check with the site supervisor about return time before you leave the facility. It is our intention to keep games moving.

updated: 9/2019