Group Fitness Class Descriptions
Core n' More

Target core muscles, with this short but intense workout. Following an interval style format, Core n’ More will focus on toning the full range of abdominal muscles and obliques. 

Tone-N-Tighten (TNT)

Tone-N-Tighten develops every major muscle group in an efficiently paced, thirty-minute workout. This is a total body strengthening and toning class that uses a variety of resistance options.

Total Strength

Total strength is an hour long class that will give you a full-body workout. Each activity will help you build muscle endurance and strength. Classes will incorporate hand weights, exercise balls, bands, and body weight. This is open to everyone–from beginner to the seasoned participant.


In general, yoga is a spiritual practice or discipline that helps the individual unify his/her body, mind and heart. Yoga offers a unique combination of meditation and breathing. The techniques introduced in this class will clear the mind, build energy and endurance, and challenge participants.