Group Fitness Class Descriptions
Butts n' Guts

Get ready to take your core workout to the next level with a Butts n' Guts class! In 30 minutes, this class will take ideas from many different sources that are sure to tone, sculpt, and strengthen your core. It's time you had the opportunity to make your body look this good!

Core n' More

Target core muscles, with this short but intense workout. Following an interval style format, Core n’ More will focus on toning the full range of abdominal muscles and obliques. 


High intensity interval training, commonly referred to as HIIT, has you alternate between high and low intensity exercise(s) or between a high intensity exercise and a short period of rest. For instance, doing an all-out sprint for 15 seconds and then taking a 30 second rest would be considered interval training. HIIT is a great way to incorporate quick cardiovascular training and improve muscle strength at the same time. This class is a time efficient workout to really get you sweating in no time! It is a great way to burn calories and is different from many of the classes we offer here at Viterbo!


Pilates is a system of muscular strength and flexibility conditioning. This class will challenge the spine in flexion, extension, and (especially) in the neutral position, adding arm and leg movements to help overload the core muscles as well as stimulate improvements.


POWER Yoga will take yoga a step beyond the basics. Participants will follow a vinyasa flow while learning to incorporate breath with movement and sprinkling in some advanced poses such as presses, headstands, and shoulder stands.  All are welcome to join this POWER Yoga class.

Slow Flow Yoga

Had a tough day? This class is the ultimate relaxation. You’ll flow from one pose to another, but hold the poses for an extended period and find your own comfort zone within the pose.


Don’t forget to STRETCH! Flexibility and range of motion are important as we age. This group fitness class aims to get you relaxed and recovered through a combination of stretching techniques. If you are sore or just looking for a little bit of a study break join us for a calm, cool, and collective class!”

Tone-N-Tighten (TNT)

Tone-N-Tighten develops every major muscle group in an efficiently paced, thirty-minute workout. This is a total body strengthening and toning class that uses a variety of resistance options.

Total Strength

Total strength is an hour long class that will give you a full-body workout. Each activity will help you build muscle endurance and strength. Classes will incorporate hand weights, exercise balls, bands, and body weight. This is open to everyone–from beginner to the seasoned participant.


In general, yoga is a spiritual practice or discipline that helps the individual unify his/her body, mind and heart. Yoga offers a unique combination of meditation and breathing. The techniques introduced in this class will clear the mind, build energy and endurance, and challenge participants.

Yogalates and Meditation Wellness Challenge

Starting Monday, November 1st, join the wellness challenge to participate in yogalates and meditation! Take charge of your wellbeing and use physical activity to benefit your mental health. This low stress and fun group fitness challenge is a great way to stay active and practice your mindfulness no matter your current level of physical activity. The class combines the practices of yoga such as strength, flexibility, and balance with the practices of pilates such as breathing, coordination, and stamina. The class also offers group meditation, which is a great way to train attention and practice mindfulness in a calm space.

The challenge will run for four weeks from November 1st-22nd, and classes will be held on Mondays and Thursdays from 7-8 pm in the Mathy Center. Each week you come, you win a prize. Each class you attend, you can enter your name in the drawing for a grand prize awarded at the end of the challenge, and if you bring a friend, you can enter your name twice!

Remember to make a group fitness reservation for Yogalates on the Viterbo Recreation website each day you plan on attending!