Intramural Indoor Soccer Rules

Schedules for league play will be posted on the bulletin boards located at the Wellness Center, the Mathy Center and on IMLeagues.

General Procedures
  1. All participants must register on IMLeagues and be accepted by the captain 15 minutes prior to the game they wish to play. Upon the start of a competition, the Rec Sports staff will check all rosters to ensure eligibility. Players who do not appear on a team's roster will be classified as ineligible and will be required to register before being allowed to play.
  2. No roster additions will be allowed after the completion of regular season play.
  3. Any team knowing in advance that they will be unable to play a regularly scheduled contest is provided the opportunity to default (not play this contest). In order for the contest to be considered a default, the team captain must contact the Intramural Sports Office or league coordinator by 5:00 p.m. on the day prior to their contest.
  4. Any team that forfeits the equivalent to one night of league play, will lose their forfeit deposit (i.e. if the maximum number of games scheduled for a night is 3 and a team forfeits 3 games regardless if it is in one night or 3 nights, they will lose their deposit. If that team forfeits the equivalent of another night of play, they will be eliminated for the remainder of the season).
  5. Teams must arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled start time to insure that the event runs on schedule.
  6. All players must have their valid I.D. card at the appropriate playing area in order to play.
  7. Teams must present their I.D.’s to the Mathy Welcome Center Desk to enter the facility and must present their I.D. to the site supervisor to check-in prior to play that night.
  8. Any player that is bleeding must leave the game immediately. The bleeding must be stopped and the wound securely covered with a bandage before the player can continue. If there is blood on any clothing or jersey, it must be changed before the player resumes play.
  9. Players are responsible for their own foul and line calls. Players resolve their own disputes.
  10. The Site Supervisor is responsible for recording scores, running clock, and keeping order.  The Site Supervisor has the authority to eject any player for unsportsmanlike behavior (profanity, fighting, and participating in a contest under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, etc). See Intramural Handbook for more details.
Match Format
  • Games will consist of two (2) twelve (12) minute halves with a running clock.
  • Halftime will be three (3) minutes long.
  • The black end lines and nets on each end of the court are considered out of bounds resulting in a goalkeeper kick.
Game Rules
  • There is no limit to the number of varsity athletes that may be on a roster, but only two varsity soccer players are allowed to play on the court for a team at one time, this includes both men’s & women’s players. A varsity player is defined as anyone who is currently on a varsity roster or anyone who was on a varsity roster the previous academic year.
  • Number of players – 5 per team (4 field players and 1 goalkeeper) Minimum 2 female players on the court.  If a team is short females, they may play with only 1 female, but they must play with only 3 males (a maximum of 4 players on the court) at all times. 
  • Start of Play – Possession determined by coin toss (or if no coin is present, then odd or even).  The kick-off will be used at the beginning of each period and after each goal. Kick-off will be done at half court and must go forward.
  • Substitutions – made on the fly; unlimited
  • NO SLIDING OR TACKLING PERMITTED – Automatic ejection from the game.
  • Fouls – Both the offense and the defense will call fouls (if you are fouled, call the foul - If you foul someone, call the foul)
  • Goalkeepers may use hands inside goalkeeper box (3 pt lines to the gray line). Goalkeepers can’t throw/kick ball over midcourt on the fly. Kicks on goal will start in keeper hands for throw.
  • Restart after goals will begin with a kick-off.
  • Kicked balls should be kept below waist level. Individuals who kick the ball onto the track or off the scoreboard/track railing will be required to sit for one full half of play.

In the event of a tie:

  • Regular season:  A one-minute rest period is followed by a three-minute overtime with the first team scoring a goal wins. If the score is still tied after the overtime period the game will end in a tie
  • Championship night:  A one-minute rest period is followed by a three-minute overtime with the first team scoring a goal wins. If the score is still tied after the overtime period each team will be given five (5) penalty shots from the top of the key.  Should the five (5) penalty shots end in a tie, there will be sudden death penalty shots.  Each team will shoot one shot and when one team makes a shot and the other team misses, the team that makes the shot will be deemed the winner.
  • Kicks or trips an opponent
  • Jumps into an opponent
  • Charges
  • Charges from behind
  • Strikes, hits, elbows
  • Holds or pushes
  • Touches the ball with his hands
  • Plays in a dangerous manner
  • Charges fairly, but when the ball is not in playing distance*
  • Obstruction*
  • Charges the goalkeeper *
  • Persistent infringing of the rules of the game*
  • Dissent by action or word*
  • Unsportsmanlike  conduct*
  • Violent conduct*
  • Foul / Abusive language*

Fouls — fouls result in free kick from the spot of the foul.  Free kicks are direct and are live shots on goal.

*Depending on the severity of the foul, players who commit the mentioned fouls are subject to ejection and possibly suspension from the league.

Reporting Scores
  • Final scores and sportsmanship ratings must be reported to the Site Supervisor.
  • If you have another game, always check with the site supervisor about return time before you leave the facility. It is our intention to keep games moving.