Intramural Bowling Rules

Sunday Night Bowling

Join us at Pla-Mor Lanes (807 S. 4th St.) for FREE Sunday Night Bowling. Come on your own or with a group to finish out the weekend with a night filled with fun and friends. Start time is 8:30 p.m. and the cost is free. This includes 3 games of bowling and shoes. Attend one night or all eleven! Before attending Sunday Night Bowling, you should start a team via with you as the team captain. (No need to add anyone to your team)

Spring 2023 Dates

January 22, 29

February 5, 19, 26

March 5, 26

April 2, 16, 23, 30

Bowling Rules
  • All participants must have their current, valid school I.D. card at the appropriate playing area in order to play.
  • I.D.'s must be presented to the Site Supervisor to be checked in to play.
  • 3 games and shoes each week.
  • NO ALCOHOL or TOBACCO USE during bowling, even if the person is of age. 
  • Before attending Sunday Night Bowling, you must start a team via with you as the team captain. (No need to add anyone to your team)
Bowling Games

9-pin No Tap Rules:

9-pin no tap is a variation of ten pin bowling. The general rules are the same except if a bowler knocks down nine pins on his/her first role, it is scored as a strike. The pins are then reset and you move on to the next bowler/next frame. The bowler does not have to shoot a second shot. Knocking down all ten pins still counts as a strike also. 

Bowling Bingo:

When bowling begins, each bowler will have an individual bingo card with results that usually occur during a bowling game. The card is filled by the computer score sheet with results such as the number of pins a bowler knocks down (0 to 9), gutter ball, strike, spare, head pin only, no head pin, 2 strikes in a row, number 7 pin only, etc. Every time a player achieves a results that's on their bingo card, the computer will mark it off. The first player to mark off five results appearing horizontally, vertically, or diagonally shouts "Bingo" and wins the game.

Even Strike Bowling: 

Even strike bowling is played as regular bowling with the exception that when your first ball is bowled, if the remaining pins are an even number, it is considered a strike.

Scotch Doubles Rules:

  • Each participant places his/her name in the bowl.
  • Partners are drawn at random.
  • Lanes are assigned.  Three couples to a lane.
  • The pair chooses who rolls the first ball in the first frame.
  • One person bowls the first ball of odd frames, second ball of even frames.  The other person bowls the opposite.
  1.  For example:  Bill and Jane are a team.  They choose who rolls the first ball in the first frame.  
  2.  In the first frame, Bill rolls the first ball.  Jane rolls the second ball trying to pick up what Bill did not.  If Bill rolls a strike, Jane does not bowl.  
  3.  In the second frame, Jane rolls the first ball.  Bill rolls the second ball trying to pick up what Jane did not.
  4.  In third frame, Bill goes first again.  Jane rolls the second ball trying to pick up what Bill did not.  
  5.  In fourth frame,..etc.

The pair with the highest 3-game series wins the Tournament.

If there is a tie, a winner will be decided by a bowl-off.  Each pair involved in the tie will bowl one frame.   They choose who rolls the first ball.  The pair who knocks down the most pins, wins.  If again, they tie.  Another frame is bowled until a winner is determined.

Poker Night Rules

The object is to have the best poker hand by the end of each game. 

  • Intramural Site Supervisor is the dealer and will hold the deck(s) of cards.
  • Each bowler will start with 2 cards.
  • Each bowler will receive one additional card from supervisor for every spare or strike.
  • Each bowler will receive two additional cards for picking up a split.
  • A bowler cannot have more than five cards in his/her hand at one time.  He/she can give a card back to the dealer and then, pick a new card from the dealer.
  • Joker card is wild.
  • The bowler with the best poker hand will receive a prize!

Bingo Bowling

Bowling Bingo is a game that is great fun for all level of bowlers. 

  • Each player receives a bingo card with X's and /'s which represent strikes and spares.
  • The other numbers represent the amount of pins to knock down.
  • If you knock down 8 pins on your first shot as an example you could throw a gutter ball and cross off one of the number 8's on your card, or you could try for a spare by throwing your next ball and knocking down the other 2 pins.
  • If you throw a strike on your first ball, simply cross off one of the strikes on your bingo sheet.