Express Your Stress

Express Your Stress Employee Challenge

January 31-March 11

Engage and navigate your stressors.

In our day to day lives, we experience a multitude of different stressors whether we are at home or in the work place. The objective of this challenge is to identify 1-7 stressors in the first week that you believe are with in your ability to control.

General Information

During each week you will come up with a strategy based on the theme. Your can do a different strategy each day with there being 7 days a week or do the same one each day.

Upon signing up, you will be sent the packet to fill out for each week, as well as a document giving examples of some stressors you could use and  strategies for each theme. However, feel free to come up with your own as well.

The packet only needs to be submitted once at the end of the challenge.

  1. Learn different strategies to deal with stressors
  2. Reduce day to day stressors
  3. Focus on stressors we can control
Weekly Themes

Week 1: Identify 1-7 stressors  that you believe are within your ability to control

Week 2: Fitness

Week 3: Social Harmony

Week 4: Relaxation

Week 5: Clarity

Week 6: Your Choice


Prizes will be awarded to the individuals that:

  • have the most variety in strategies used
  • are the most consistent user
  • have the highest average of strategies used throughout the challenge

Register here or email Justin Maxted at