Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

Sport Clubs are organized by students. However, membership is open to University faculty, staff, and the University community as long as students comprise the majority of the club's membership. In addition, clubs are open to Western Technical College students as long as current student status can be verified.

Do I need experience?

Most clubs do not require any experience in order to practice with the team. A few teams must host try-outs in order to keep their club at a manageable size, but the majority of the clubs are open to beginners. Contact the specific club for additional details.

Where do clubs meet?

Clubs host most practices at campus facilities, but some must travel off campus to find facilities that accommodate their sport. For an exact account of where clubs are currently practicing, please contact the club of your choice for details.

How much will it cost?

Individual clubs determine whether membership dues will be assessed; and if so, how much they will be. Contact the club of your choice for details.