NSLS 2023 inductees
An induction ceremony for new members of the Viterbo chapter of the National Society of Leadership Success was held April 17, 2023, at the Weber Center for the Performing Arts. The ceremony included a keynote address by Bryan Baldwin (right) from the NSLS national organization.

In April 2012, Viterbo University inducted its first group of National Society of Leadership and Success members. A total of 525 students have been inducted into membership since then. The NSLS program at Viterbo University is in its sixth year.  Induction for the 2016-2017 academic year will take place in April of 2017.

What do the inductees say about their NSLS experience?

  • It's a lot of work, but it's worth the feeling of accomplishing something so big.
  • I would recommend this program to anyone serious about getting what they want out of life. It really almost forces you to be the best you can be, so I figure why not pass that on.
  • This might be a life changing opportunity because you can develop leadership skills which are really beneficial for your future career.
  • I think it is a great thing to do and well worth the money and time.
  • NSLS really helped keep me on track during my senior year which was very beneficial!
  • I believe that in order to be successful, one has to go outside of their comfort zone and engage in activities that will enrich them as a person.
  • The speaker presentations were more useful than I anticipated they would be. I felt I may only be pursuing a "brownie point" for my resume, but I actually learned a lot.

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