Study Abroad Financial Aid
Exchange vs. Non-Exchange Programs
  • Exchange: The cost of these programs is billed by Viterbo and is based on Viterbo tuition and fees. The student can use federal, state, and institutional financial aid toward their program; however, Viterbo academic scholarship will be reduced to “off-campus rate” for the semester(s) the student is away (minus $500/semester for transfer scholarship or minus $1000/semester for academic scholarships—Presidents, Dean, Hallmark, Heritage, Access). Any other institutional aid tied to housing will be reduced or canceled per appropriate policy.
  • Non-Exchange: Students applying to non-Viterbo programs can only apply their federal and state aid to program costs. No Viterbo sponsored aid can be used. Costs of these programs varies and can be more or less than Viterbo tuition and fees.
Consortium Agreements
  • If a student is using federal and/or state aid toward a non-exchange program, they must complete a Consortium Agreement with the Viterbo Financial Aid Office. The Consortium Agreement facilitates the payment of financial aid funds through Viterbo to the study abroad program.
  • Every effort is made to send financial aid funds to the study abroad program prior or close to the student’s departure, however, some programs have payment dates that do not coincide with Viterbo’s financial aid disbursement dates. In those cases the program may offer a deferred payment agreement or payment plan. It is the student’s responsibility to request the necessary paperwork from the study abroad program and submit to Viterbo to be completed.
Viterbo Courses With a Short Term Travel Component
  • Travel-related course expenses will be added to the student’s tuition at the beginning of the semester in which the travel component will take place (usually over spring break or at the very end of the semester).
  • There is no federal, state, or institutional grant or scholarship aid to assist with the added program costs. Students may apply for alternative/private education loans and/or parent may apply for Federal PLUS Loan (contact the Viterbo Financial Aid Office for assistance).