Aid Eligibility

Now that you have decided to attend college, what next? Students often ask a very logical question: "Can I afford the school of my choice?"

At Viterbo we think you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that for most students a quality private college education is affordable—not out of reach.

We want you to consider Viterbo as an investment in your future. For that reason, we're equally committed to working with you to make sure your financial need is met.

We offer two types of financial assistance: need-based and merit-based. While merit-based financial aid is determined strictly on academics, talent, or other merit, there are many factors to be considered in determining need-based financial aid. Based on dependency status, these can include parents' income and assets, the number of dependents in the parents' household, the number of those dependents in post-secondary education, parents' ages; and student's assets, earnings and household size. Because of the many factors involved, it is very difficult to predict eligibility. So, we strongly encourage all families to apply for need-based financial aid.

Need is defined as the total cost of attending a college (tuition, fees, room, board, books, etc.) minus the expected family contribution (EFC). The EFC is determined by the federal government based on income and household information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The EFC is the same at any school you attend, but the cost of attending and the financial aid awarded will vary from one college or university to another.