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Ethical Research Practice

Faculty Benefits of Student-Faculty Undergraduate Research

  • Invigorates intellect and increases enthusiasm.
  • Enhances teaching effectiveness and job satisfaction.
  • Promotes advancements in research program (research shows that students are able to make meaningful/productive contributions to assigned research projects)
  • Increases access to grant funding.
  • Enhances faculty members' ability to remain current in their field/discipline.
  • Promotes greater engagement with students, colleagues, and the community.
  • Provides faculty with a platform to motivate, inspire, and contribute to the educational experiences and professional development of future researchers. Faculty often derive personal satisfaction from "watching" students' professional growth.
  • Allows mentorship of enthusiastic, highly-motivated students.
  • Produces recognition by one's internal and external peers.
  • Improves teaching techniques, such as in investigative laboratories.
  • Augments results transfer from one's scholarship into the classroom.
  • Promotes the concept of lifelong learning for students.

Institutional Benefits of Student-Faculty Undergraduate Research

  • Enhances intellectual vitality and reputation of the institution.
  • Attracts talented faculty and builds research programs.
  • Attracts engaged students and community interest.
  • Produces external funding and recognition; brings new equipment and facilities. 
  • Encourages innovative and collaborative curricula.
  • Promotes engagement with national trends in higher education and new research directions.
  • Breaks down barriers between students and faculty as well as teaching and research by integrating all into the teacher-scholar concept.

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Costs and Benefits of Faculty-Student Collaborative Undergraduate Research


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