Guidelines and Resources for Conference Funding

Considering Presenting Your Scholarship at a Conference or Professional Meeting? 

Know that we're happy to help you as you prepare your abstract for submission!  Please check out our How to Write an Abstract resource and email Charlie Lawrence to schedule an abstract review. 

Already accepted to present your work? Congratulations! Let's make it happen.

Viterbo University Support

Viterbo University is committed to supporting students who present their work at conferences. If you need help proofing or printing your poster, need tips on creating a 10-12 minute research talk, or would like help drafting your abstract, we're here for you. Also be sure to see the online resources available under the "Resources for Students" tab. To request an appointment or ask questions, email Charlie Lawrence.  

Identifying Possible Funds to Support Your Work

Know the Parameters
Before applying (or even ask about applying) for Viterbo funds, review the  VU Student Academic Conference Guidelines

Identify All Your Options
Talk to your faculty advisor to see if there are departmental funds available to support your presentation. Consider programs you may be a part of (i.e., Honors Program, CLASS Scholars) and inquire about funding options and grants. Look into travel grants and other funding programs through the conference where you'll be presenting. In addition to departmental and program-specific funds, funds are available at the Viterbo University level via: 

**It bears repeating: Both University funding sources follow the  VU Student Academic Conference Guidelines 2017-2018.  Be sure to read this document carefully and request amounts within the articulated funding levels.
**Note: Regardless of the funding source(s) pursued, most students end up covering some portion of the costs associated with their conference presentation. This is often true for faculty who attend conferences.**

Questions about funds or other forms of university support?  Email Charlie Lawrence at