Mission and Philosophy

Mission of the Nutrition and Dietetics Department

The mission of the Viterbo University dietetics department is to prepare students who use critical thinking and effective communication to promote health, manage disease through nutrition, and serve as leaders in community and medical settings.

Mission of the Coordinated Program

The Viterbo University coordinated program  provides didactic and supervised practice experiences aligned with the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics 2022 Accreditation Standards. It prepares entry level registered dietitian nutritionists for faithful service and ethical leadership.

Philosophy of the Undergraduate Program

Health care is a dynamic, changing part of our society, and dietetics, as an integral component of the health care system, is a changing profession. One of the important changes that have taken place in the last few years is the growing importance of prevention and not just treatment of disease. There is an amazing growth of outpatient clinics, public health agencies, and health education programs aimed at prevention of disease and promotion of general "good health."  There is, therefore, a growing need to provide comprehensive nutritional care for communities.

A community-medical dietetics curriculum combines knowledge and skills of both the hospital and community dietitian to meet societal demands for comprehensive nutritional care. A graduate of the program is a professional member of the health care team, and as a professional person has been trained to make decisions based upon a body of current scientific knowledge and acquired skills.