Dietetic Internship Program



Viterbo's dietetic internship is open to students who have completed the knowledge requirements as defined by the 2022 Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics Standards of Education as part of a DPD program and who have completed a bachelor's degree. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Viterbo University is pleased to offer three unique Dietetic Internship tracks for your education needs.  Please see links below for more information.  The dietetic internship at Viterbo is based on the 2022 Accreditation Council's Standards of Education.


  Track 1: Dietetic Internship Only Track 2: Dietetic Internship + Non-Thesis Masters (clinical focus) Track 3: Dietetic Internship + Thesis Masters
Location La Crosse, WI or anywhere within the US or it's territories  La Crosse, WI or anywhere within the US or it's territories  Must be outside of La Crosse, WI but can be anywhere within the US and it's territories
Clinical Hours 1400 1400 1000
Total Credits 30 48 39
Total Tuition $18,300 $29,280 $23,790


Dietetic Internship Student Handbook 2022-2023
Preceptor Newsletter Fall 2022
Philosophy of the Community-Medical Dietetic Internship

Health care is a dynamic, changing part of our society, and dietetics, as an integral component of the health care system, is a changing profession. One of the important changes that have taken place in the last few years is the growing importance of prevention and not just treatment of disease. There is an amazing growth of outpatient clinics, public health agencies, and health education programs aimed at prevention of disease and promotion of general “good health.” 

There is, therefore, a growing need to provide comprehensive nutritional care for communities. Nutritional care that continues over time, after a patient has been released from the hospital; nutritional care that is close at hand; nutritional care of a general nature aimed at large population groups; and nutritional care provided by a dietitian who can bring personal support and science-based expertise to bear on nutritional problems.

The curriculum of the Viterbo dietetic internship combines knowledge and skills of both the hospital and community dietitian to meet societal demands for comprehensive nutritional care. A graduate of the program is a professional member of the health care team, and as a professional person has been trained to make decisions based upon a body of current scientific knowledge and acquired skills.

For more information or to schedule a visit:
Maria Morgan-Bathke, MBA, PhD, RD, CD, FAND
Associate Professor, Director Dietetic Internship
Department Chairperson
Nutrition and Dietetics Department
Toll free 1-800-VITERBO, ext. 3660

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