Admission to the Professional Phase of the Dietetics Program

All second year dietetic students must complete an application process in order to be admitted into the professional phase of the Master of Science in Coordinated  Medical Dietetics (MSCMD) program. You cannot take master’s level nutrition courses until you have been admitted into the professional phase. To be eligible for admission, you must have satisfied all of the following requirements:

  1. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0

  2.  Completion of all nutrition courses with following minimum grades.

  • Grade of at least a “B” in all nutrition courses- 140, 173,273, 340, 341.
  • Grade of at least a “C” in BIO104/104L & 114/114L, 296, CHEM106, 140, 305.

  3.  Completion of a self-disclosure statement and criminal history check in compliance with the Wisconsin
        Caregiver Law, through CastleBranch

          The cost of the background check is the applicant's responsibility.
          Once completed, background check findings should be uploaded to “Sonia”.

  4. Completion of all health and immunization requirements.  Required health and
       immunization requirements are: Hepatitis B, MMR, Tdap, TB, flu 
shot and COVID vaccine and boosters.
chedule a TB test via the website by November 1, 2022. Cost is $5.  
      All immunization information should be uploaded to Sonia, as well.

 5.  Complete an interview with a registered dietitian nutritionist from your hometown and write a reflection paper                                                                of that learning experience.

 6.  At the end of spring semester (the second-year), after you have received your spring semester
       grades, submit the application packet electronically via Moodle by May 22, 2023.  Include the following in the packet:

  • Completed application form, and copy of your VitNet Degree Audit.
  • RDN Interview form, plus the completed word-processed summary reflection paper.
  • One-two page application letter outlining your professional goals at this time.

The application packet must be uploaded to Moodle by 4:00 pm on May 22, 2023.                    

You will need to apply separately to the Masters of Science in Community Medical Dietetics (MSCMD) at the end of the third-year, if interested in pursuing a career as a RDN. You can learn more about the MSCMD at About the Master of Science in Community Medical Dietetics (MSCMD) | Viterbo University. Contact Dr. Kelsey McLimans with any questions at                        

Should any questions arise regarding the application process, please email The faculty of the Nutrition and Dietetics Department look forward to working with you in the next phase of the program!