Meet Your Orientation Leaders

Adelaide Young (she/her/hers)
O-Group: VUSM100-012 - Martin

Hometown: Kankakee, IL
Major: Musical Theatre; Minors: Arts Admin and Dance

Favorite Meal in the Caf: Grilled cheese/ anything Wanda makes :)
Favorite Viterbo Tradition: Finals week late night brunch!!

Advice: Surround yourself with people who CARE. This can be a huge transitional period and it’s so important to stay secure in yourself and have a support system you can rely on. Alone time is also important. Especially in the first few weeks, try to take a few moments everyday to reflect and just sit with all you’re getting to experience! You’re also gonna need a good winter coat HEHE. 



Austin Calmes (he/him/his)
O-Group: VUSM100-007 - Lichty

Hometown: Sussex, WI
Major: Accounting

Favorite Viterbo Tradition: Late night finals breakfast 
Favorite Meal in the Caf: Chicken Pot Pie or Chicken Nuggets, both very good

Advice: Get involved in on campus events! There are plenty of things going on during the school year to attend such as musicals, plays, clubs, and much much more.    



Bri Houle (she/her/hers)
O-Group: VUSM100-008 - Hart

Hometown: Rochester, MN
Major: Biology; Minor: Psychology

Favorite La Crosse Activity: Playing frisbee at Pettibone park and beach 
Favorite Viterbo Tradition: Skiing and snowboarding at Mt. La Crosse 

Advice: Don’t be afraid to attend tutoring sessions! Not only are they free of charge but it also gives you the chance to better understand class material while also getting the chance to better get to know your classmates and collaborate on homework. 



Brianna Blohm (she/her/hers)
O-Group: VUSM100-005 - Wilson

Hometown: Stewartville, MN
Major: Nursing

Favorite Meal in the Caf: Wanda’s wraps   
Favorite Viterbo Tradition: President’s Holiday Dinner  

Advice: Enjoy your time at Viterbo, it’ll go faster than you expect.  You’ll find friends that make the experience better, through both good and bad times.  It may not happen right away, but you’ll find your people eventually.   



Chloe Gardner (she/her/hers)
O-Group: VUSM100-001H - Bersagel Braley

Hometown: West Union, IA
Major: Nursing

Favorite La Crosse Restaurant: The Breakfast Club 
Favorite Viterbo Tradition: Finals breakfast! 

Advice: Do your best to step outside of your comfort zone! College is all about growth, and the best growth happens when you’re not in your comfort zone!  



Cortney Piepenburg (she/her/hers)
O-Group: VUSM100-001H - Bersagel Braley

Hometown: Chilton, WI
Major: Theatre; Minor: Arts Mgmt

Favorite Meal in the Caf: Taco Tuesdays! 
Favorite Viterbo Activity: Weekends at VU. 

Advice: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and try new things! College can seem scary at first, but the more involved you are around campus the better your experience becomes. 



David Caliri (he/him/his)
O-Group: VUSM100-010 - Franz-Johnson

Hometown: Bemidji, MN (Kind of)
Major: Vocal Performance

Favorite Class You've Taken: EDUC-302 Diversity in the Classroom  
Favorite Viterbo Activity: Morning Einstein’s runs 

Advice: Make time for a life outside of class. Taking too many classes is not the vibe. 



Devin Brown (he/him/his)
O-Group: VUSM100-004 - Alvarez

Hometown: Green Bay, WI
Major: Biochemistry

Favorite La Crosse Activity: Hiking in the bluffs, Rim of the City because it’s a scenic spot and great place to hangout 
Favorite Viterbo Activity: Volleyball Games  

Advice: Have as much fun as you can and don’t be afraid to make new friends along the way.  



Ella Sans Crainte (she/her/hers)
O-Group: VUSM100-006 - Herbers

Hometown: La Crosse, WI
Major: Nursing; Minor: Spanish

Favorite La Crosse Activity: Hiking the bluffs and hammocking  
Favorite Viterbo Activity: Welcome back bash  

Advice: Be yourself! Do not feel like you must change to fit in during college, you will find like minded people and focus on your own personal goals!  



Etienne Kpalee (she/her/hers)
O-Group: VUSM100-009 - Hamilton

Hometown: Monrovia, Liberia
Major: Nursing 

Favorite La Crosse Restaurant: New Taste of India 
Favorite Viterbo Activity: Courtyard Carni

Advice: Set goals, have a positive attitude, and do not wait until the last minute.  




Halle Utterback (she/her/hers)
O-Group: VUSM100-001H - Bersagel Braley

Hometown: Austin, TX
Major: Musical Theatre; Minor: Dance

Favorite Meal in the Caf: BREAKFAST PIZZA
Favorite Viterbo Activity: Courtyard Carni

Advice: Get involved, talk to people, and be a positive force on campus :)



Jaime Kelly (she/her/hers)
O-Group: No VUSM100s, On-Campus Transfer and International Students

Hometown: Eau Claire, WI
Major: Biology

Favorite La Crosse Activity: Walking through and eating at the Friendship Gardens 
Favorite Viterbo Activity: Late Night Breakfast Before Finals 

Advice: Go to as many events as you can. It is a great way to meet new people, make some memories and sometimes get some free stuff which is always fun. 



Joie Steele (she/her/hers)
O-Group: VUSM100-012 - Martin

Hometown: Tuscaloosa, AL
Major: Musical Theatre; Minors: Arts Mgmt and Dance

Favorite La Crosse Activity: Hanging in the Bluffs and exploring downtown  
Favorite Viterbo Tradition: Breakfast for dinner night before finals week!! 

Advice: Form your own opinions! Take what you hear about others, classes, and experiences with a grain of salt. You never know what will surprise you;) 



Kaitlin Schiferl (she/her/hers)
O-Group: VUSM100-013 - Neumann

Hometown: Elk Mound, WI
Major: Biology

Favorite Meal in the Caf: Chicken alfredo from the corner 😊  
Favorite Viterbo Tradition: Weekends at VU 

Advice: Embrace the new experience of college and new opportunities Viterbo has to offer. It goes by fast, so enjoy every second, and don’t forget everyone is in the same boat! 



Kieran Sween (she/her/hers)
O-Group: VUSM100-005 - Wilson

Hometown: Grand Meadow, MN
Major: Vocal Performance and Business Admin

Favorite Meal in the Caf: Eggplant Parmesan  
Favorite Viterbo Tradition: Safe Trick or Treat  

Advice: Push yourself out of your comfort zone and talk to as many new people and experience as many new things as possible! It’ll feel overwhelming at first, but you’ll have so many fun memories and meet so many new friends this way!  



Kirsten Weik (she/her/hers)
O-Group: VUSM100-008 - Hart

Hometown: Phillips, WI
Major: Biology

Favorite Class You've Taken: Ethics and Medicine with Dr. Matthew Bersagel- Braley
Favorite Viterbo Tradition: Courtyard Carni 

Advice: Be patient and kind to yourself. This is a new experience. Take deep breaths and let the new unknown become the new comfortable. It is okay to feel as if you’re struggling, that just means you’re learning. 




Lauren Larson (she/her/hers)
O-Group: VUSM100-007 - Lichty

Hometown: Sheboygan, WI
Major: Nursing

Favorite Meal in the Caf:  Cheese Curds 
Favorite Viterbo Tradition: The Christmas dinner that the employees and professors serve us.  

Advice: Get involved in things that you are interested in.   



Liv Abernathy (she/her/hers)
O-Group: VUSM100-011 - Dykman

Hometown: Exeland, WI
Major: Biology

Favorite La Crosse Activity:  Exploring downtown. There is something for everyone. The best hidden treasures are found in the antique shops.  
Favorite Viterbo Tradition: Viterbo Christmas Dinner   

Advice: Be bold and don’t be afraid to fail.  It allows us to grow stronger and do great things.  




Lizzie Tesar (she/her/hers)
O-Group: VUSM100-009 - Hamilton

Hometown: Prairie du Chien, WI
Major: Management and Leadership

Favorite La Crosse Activity:  Going to Riverside Park 
Favorite Viterbo Tradition: Courtyard Carni 

Advice: Be the positive change you wish to see and use your voice to advocate for the important issues.  



McKenna Blum (she/her/hers)
O-Group: VUSM100-004 - Alvarez

Hometown: Chippewa Falls, WI
Major: Nursing

Favorite La Crosse Activity:  Going to Pettibone beach with friends. 
Favorite Viterbo Tradition: Late night breakfast at the beginning of finals week. 

Advice: Take every opportunity. These next years will fly by before you even know it.



Sabrina Darden (she/her/hers)
O-Group: VUSM100-010 - Franz-Johnson

Hometown: Wrightstown, WI
Major: Biology; Minor: Ethics

Favorite La Crosse Activity:  Going to a new coffee shop every Sunday for homework  
Favorite Viterbo Tradition: Weekends at VU 

Advice: Step out of your comfort zone! Let yourself experience new things and meet unfamiliar people. Embrace this change and live it to your fullest.  



Shannon Starkloff (she/her/hers)
O-Group: VUSM100-003 - Nettles

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Major: Music Theatre; Minor: Dance

Favorite La Crosse Activity:  Going to the bluffs!   
Favorite Viterbo Tradition: Courtyard Carni 

Advice: Put yourself out there, talk to new people and try new things! College can be overwhelming, but it is also such a transformative and fun experience. 




Talyn Pearson (she/her/hers)
O-Group: VUSM100-006 - Herbers

Hometown: Saint Charles, MN
Major: Nursing; Minor: Psychology

Favorite La Crosse Activity:  Hiking at Grandads Bluff or Hixon  
Favorite Class You've Taken: Maternity and Pediatrics 

Advice: It’s ok to have anxiety about moving away from home and starting this new adventure in life! Try not to be too shy because it helps to have friends in classes and that is how you can create amazing life-long friendships! 



Trevor Rowray (he/him/his)
O-Group: No VUSM100s, On-Campus Transfer and International Students

Hometown: West Union, IA
Major: Biochemistry

Favorite La Crosse Activity:  Biking on the many trails! 
Favorite Viterbo Tradition: Finals Late-Night Breakfast 

Advice: Read the textbook! It feels optional, but it is important as not all content will always be explicitly taught during lecture. 



Zach Sullivan (he/him/his)
O-Group: VUSM100-003 - Nettles

Hometown: Excelsior, MN
Major: Music Theatre; Minor: Dance

Favorite Meal in the Caf:  Literally any of the desserts 
Favorite Viterbo Tradition: Courtyard Carni  

Advice: Don’t be afraid to rely on your support system for help! Many students think that now that they’re in college they have to do everything on their own, but you are still growing into your best self and that takes time. Trusting those within your support system is the best thing you can do when you feel like you don’t know what comes next.