Viterbo University's division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is committed to helping international students succeed academically. Students will be assisted individually in connecting with academic resources on campus and discussing any faculty concerns.

If you are struggling in your classes do not hesitate to reach out to the office of International Student Support by emailing Melissa Giefer.

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At Viterbo, your classes will fall into three categories: core curriculum, major classes, and electives. 

Core curriculum courses are required of all undergraduate students. Categories include Written and Oral Communications, Quantitative Literacy, Information Literacy, Mission Seminars, Historical Analysis, Literary Analysis, Natural Science, Social Science, Artistic Awareness, Theological Inquiry, Integrating Faith and Practice, and Philosophical Inquiry. 

While most major courses are specifically required, some majors allow choosing credits from a group of courses. 

Electives can be courses selected from the major department or may be courses you select because of personal interest. For undergraduate students at Viterbo 12–18 credits per semester have the same cost, so taking a course out of personal interest can provide additional knowledge, fun or relaxation.

Help Tips For Classroom Success

Instructors at Viterbo will share their specific expectations, but some general rules to follow are:

  • Be on time for class.
  • Do not use you phone during class time.
  • Participate in class discussion.
  • Do not have side conversations with your friends during class.
  • Do homework, including reading the textbook.
  • Ask your instructor questions.


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Academic Honesty

Cheating in class may result in a failing grade. It is very important that your work in class is your own. Never use a paper written by someone other than you. Plagiarism is using the language and thoughts of another author without crediting the original author and is considered cheating in the U.S.

Academic Resources

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides tutoring, English language conversation tables, and writing assistance to any students requesting these services, at no cost. Students for whom English is not their first language may take exams in the ARC rather than in class by making arrangements prior to the test day.