International Admissions

Viterbo University welcomes students from all over the world. Everyone here is treated with dignity and respect, no matter their culture or place of origin. We offer outstanding academic programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels that prepare our students for successful and fulfilling careers, no matter where they might be. Classes are taught by dedicated and caring faculty members whose passion it is to help students succeed and make the very most of their college experience. Viterbo is located in La Crosse, Wis., a city located on the Mississippi river and surrounded by beautiful bluffs. It is a place known for its abundant recreational and entertainment options.

  1. THE FIRST STEPS in the admission process are to review our international admissions brochure and complete the online application.

    Educational documents that show you have the equivalent of a high school diploma are required including:

    • a list of subjects studied,
    • the minimum passing grade and maximum grade possible in each subject,
    • the grades attained, and
    • the applicant's rank in the graduating class (if available).

    If you have studied beyond the high school level, send examination results and transcripts from the educational institutions at which you have studied.

    All documents must bear the original seal or signature of the registrar of the institution(s) attended. If a photocopy of a document is sent, it must be stamped, dated, and signed by the institution issuing the document. Documents written in languages other than English must be submitted with a certified translation. Any translation should be literal and not interpretive. Documents submitted to Viterbo become the property of the university. See our Policy on Submission of Fraudulent Documents.

  2. THE SECOND STEP is a review of your application by the admissions committee. Viterbo practices rolling admission, which means that when your documents have all been received, your file will proceed to the admissions committee for review. Please note that this does not take into account immigration processing times, so applying early is important to accommodate additional requirements.

  3. IF YOU ARE FOUND ELIGIBLE, you will receive email notification of a decision. At that point you will be asked to complete the Certification of Finances and provide financial documentation showing that you have the financial resources to pay for your education and living expenses. Information on housing and health insurance will be provided at the same time. First-year students are required to live on campus.

  4. AFTER YOU HAVE returned the Certification of Finances and the required documentation, Viterbo will email your acceptance letter and the I-20 which will allow you to apply for a visa interview at the nearest U.S. embassy. If you prefer, you may pay to have your documents shipped to you using University Express Mail Service.