Application Form

Although all projects must be submitted through Virbatim, the following form can be used to help prepare item responses and/or for class assignments (e.g., to practice IRB applications). Please do not create projects in Virbatim for practice or to view the application items; use this document instead.

Consent and Assent Forms

Consent is required for all Expedited and Full review projects and recommended for Exempt projects.

Consent form(s) or documentation must contain information regarding (a) research purpose and procedures including expected duration of participation, (b) risks and discomforts, (c) potential benefits, (d) alternative procedures or treatments, (e) provisions for confidentiality and limits to privacy, (f) management of research-related injury, (g) contacts for additional information, and (h) voluntary participation and the right to discontinue participation without penalty.

When appropriate, the consent form(s) or documentation must also include information regarding (i) unforeseen risks, (j) termination of participation by the investigator, (k) additional costs, (l) consequences of discontinuing research participation, (m) notification of significant new findings, and (n) approximate number of subjects.

The following files can be used as templates to construct consent forms or documentation. While use of these forms is not required, whatever forms or documentation you use must include the required information previously indicated. Make sure to compose your consent form with the correct audience in mind: potential participants.

Miscellaneous Forms