Viterbo IRB Committee Members

The table below reflects the current composition of Viterbo's IRB as registered with the federal government and includes all variables required by the Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP).

Name Degree Primary Specialty Affiliation with Institution (Y/N) Scientist(S) Or Non-scientist (N) Member Since

Patti Johnstone

Ph.D Communication Disorders and Sciences Y S 2024
Kerri Busteed Ph.D. Nursing Y N 2020
Cameron Houin Ph.D. Mental Health Counseling Y S 2021
Maria Morgan-Bathke Ph.D. Nutrition and Dietetics Y S 2016
Michael Parker Ph.D. Psychology Y S 2014
Joanne Sandvick M.A. Leadership N N 2011
David Saunders-Scott Ph.D. Psychology Y S 2014
Tyler Flockhart Ph.D. Sociology Y S 2023