Submit These Documents For Review

After completing the application form in Virbatim you will be prompted to upload supporting documents relevant to your proposed project. The following list includes documents commonly required for review; however, not all of the documents in this list are necessary for all applications. Also, the list is nonexhaustive and the IRB may request additional documents during the review process. Some of the documents can be created from provided forms.

  1. A short research proposal (minimum 2-3 pages) including your research question(s), background and purpose of the study, a short literature review, and methods including plans for sampling, data collection, and data analysis. This document should provide sufficient information to substantiate your claim that the proposed project satisfies the definition of Human Subjects Research (see the interactive decision tree for details).
  2. Research ethics training certificates from CITI or NIH for all researchers involved with the project including advisors, instructors, and co-investigators. Certification is good for three years. Certificates must appear in each Virbatim project even if you have provided certificates in the past for other projects.
  3. Written permission from any extramural organization involved in your research project such as organizations where you plan to recruit participants and/or collect data. The permission must include the title of your study and appear on organizational letterhead or come from an organizational e-mail address.
    • Important note: If an outside organization has an IRB you must clear your study with that IRB as well as Viterbo’s IRB.
  4. Recruitment language and literature including planned speeches, e-mails, social media posts, flyers, advertisements, etc.
  5. Consent form(s). If you plan to work with minors you will also need an assent form. Note that the consent form is perhaps the most important document in your research project; pay close attention to detail and make certain that it includes all required information.
  6. All data collection instruments such as surveys, questionnaires, interview questions, focus group questions, data recording sheets, and assessment tools.
    • If you plan to use a rights-restricted instrument you must provide documentation of use permission or provide an argument of fair use.
    • If you plan to administer an online survey (e.g., via Qualtrics), you need to provide an exported version of the complete and final survey including (as appropriate) consent language, demographic questions, and debriefing information.
  7. Debriefing forms.