On Campus Support

The information below is for Viterbo University employees and students. You'll find various Fine Arts Center policies, event support, and general information.

Event Support
Event Space Reservation Forms

Meeting spaces, classrooms, and study rooms
Viterbo University employees and students may self-reserve and request meeting spaces, classrooms, and study rooms via the EMS WebApp. (Use your Viterbo login username and password. Do not create a new account.)

There are two types of spaces within the EMS WebApp: reservable and requestable.

When you schedule reservable spaces in the EMS WebApp, the system automatically generates a confirmation email. For requestable spaces, they must be approved and a manual confirmation will be sent out. If you do not have a confirmation email, you do not have the room reserved. You must reserve the space before advertising your event.

Video tutorials (only accessible to those with Viterbo email)

Large-scale events
A large-scale event is typically defined as an event that takes place in any number of our large-scale meeting spaces, for example the FSPA Lobby, Fine Arts Center Main Theatre, and the Nola Starling Recital Hall. Submit request via an Event Request Form.

Selling tickets?
Fill out the Ticketed Event Information Form, which includes contact info, general event and ticketing info, and graphics needed for the Viterbo web event listing and ticketing system.

Catering Information
Visit Aramark's catering menu online.

Questions? Contact scheduling@viterbo.edu. If you have trouble logging into the EMS WebApp, contact helpdesk@viterbo.edu.

Viterbo Employee and Student Ticket Discounts

To further engage, educate, and energize the community through the power of live performance and cultural programming, the Viterbo University Fine Arts Center has created Viterbo employee and student ticket discount policies. They balance the Fine Arts Center’s obligation to remain fiscally responsible and sustainable in its business operations while also recognizing the growth for participation and engagement.

Rush tickets will be available to anyone on a per-performance basis. Learn more here.

Viterbo employees and students may redeem discounts online, by phone, or in person at the box office. If you are both a Viterbo employee and a Viterbo graduate student, you will receive the better value for your discounted tickets, which is the Viterbo employee rate.

How to Redeem Discounted Tickets–Viterbo Employees & FSPA

How to Redeem Discounted Tickets–Viterbo Adjunct or Graduate Students

How to Redeem Discounted Tickets–Viterbo Undergraduate Students

Email boxoffice@viterbo.edu or call 608-796-3100.

Piano Tuning

Pianos in Fine Arts Center Inventory 

  • Recital Hall - Steinway D 

  • Recital Hall - Steinway B

  • Main Theater - Steinway D

  • Main Theater - Yamaha U1 

  • FSPA Lobby - Conover Baby Grand 

Tuning Request Process (Internal – Campus) 

Tuning requests for internal campus constituents must be submitted through the Piano Tuning Request Form. Requests must be made no less than three weeks prior to the date of the requested tuning. Requests made after this time-period, may be impacted by tuner availability and service is not guaranteed.

Piano Tuning Request Form

Tuning Request Process (External) 

Tuning requests by external clients will be scheduled through the facility use/rental process. Tuners for external clients will be at the sole discretion of the Fine Arts Center. 

Nola Starling Recital Hall (Regular Tunings) 

The Steinway D located within the Starling Recital Hall, has been identified, at the time of writing this policy, as the primary and preferred piano for this venue. The Fine Arts Center will provide regular tunings once per month for the Steinway D instrument. Regular tunings will take place from September through May, with the first tuning being completed prior to the first week of the academic year. All maintenance and regular tunings will use tuners at the sole discretion of the Fine Arts Center. Tunings will occur based on the tuner’s availability and space availability. Additional regular and concert tunings may be requested using the process as laid out in the above section. 

Requests for Alternative Tuners (Internal – Campus) 

Requests for alternative tuners by internal campus constituents can be made through the Piano Tuning Request Form. Alternative tuner requests may only be made for concert tunes only. All regular (non-concert) tunes will be done at the discretion of the Fine Arts Center and the tuner used will be at the sole discretion of the Fine Arts Center. 


If an alternative tuner is requested and approved by the Fine Arts Center Director, the internal campus constituent is responsible for all aspects of the tuning. This may be including but not limited to requesting space usage through campus scheduling, preparation of space and piano for the tuner, being onsite during all hours of the piano tuning, opening, and the securing of venue, all expenses associated with the tuning, arranging, and working with the tuning vendor. The Fine Arts Center will bear no costs or responsibility of the quality or condition of the tune if an alternative tuner is used 

Requests for Alternative Tuners (External) 

Requests for tuners by external clients will be assessed solely at the discretion of the Fine Arts Center and the Director of the Fine Arts Center.  

Billing for Tuning Services 

Internal requests made through the Fine Arts Center Piano Tuning Request process will be paid using Fine Arts Center funds.

Request for alternative tuners by internal constituents will be paid by the department making the request.

External requests for tunings will be billed directly to external clients through the facility use/rental billing process.