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Faculty-led Study Abroad/Away Programs

Our faculty-led study abroad/away programs are a great option for students to take part of their learning off-campus. In these programs, students have the opportunity to earn credits towards their degree by taking a class with a short, domestic, or international study abroad/away element. Students are led by faculty members to locations that bring their classroom material to life and offer culturally immersive experiences. These types of trips are great for students with less flexibility in their graduation plans and those who don't want to spend a whole semester abroad.

Programs offered will change year to year, but recent destinations include Alaska, South Africa, Italy, Belize, Spain, England, Thailand, and Atlanta, Georgia!

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Italy Study Abroad Pic

"I really enjoyed this class because we learned about St. Francis and all the significant places he lived in. This made the trip to Italy so much more impactful. I saw all places I learned about in person! The pictures I saw in textbooks I saw with my own eyes!" - Miranda, Italy 2019



    Opportunities for Nursing Students

    Our Nursing faculty offers several clinical immersion programs for Nursing students both internationally and domestically. Past programs have taken students to Belize, Alaska, Haiti, Guatemala, and more!  If you're a student interested in experiencing nursing in a different culture and health care system, check out the following programs we have available!

    Click here to find  Nursing Clinical Immersions


    If you're looking for a longer or individual study abroad opportunity, click here to learn about Non Viterbo-sponsored programs and how we may fit study abroad into your schedule!

    Belize Study Abroad Photo

    "I chose to study abroad for my nursing capstone because I knew it would be an experience I couldn't get anywhere else. I wanted to learn how to improvise and be resourceful with my care. Belize taught me how to be efficient and provide excellent care at the same time." - Charles, Belize 2019



    Advantages of Faculty-led Programs

    There are several advantages to studying through a faculty-led program. These include:

    • Shorter time commitment
    • Can be less costly
    • Travel in a group of peers
    • Ability to use Viterbo Financial Aid
    • Build stronger relationships with faculty



    How to Apply

    Application Requirements
    • Application Form
    • Application Recommendation Form

    • $200 Application Deposit 

    • A one-page, single-spaced, typed personal statement addressing the following:

      • What motivates you to seek this particular experience?

      • What do you believe makes you a good fit for this particular program? Consider here not only how the program might influence you, but also how your strengths might enhance the experience for your peers, those you meet along the way, etc.


    Once you have received your acceptance email into the program, you will be asked to submit the following paperwork. Please note that the Study Abroad Office has put these forms on the website simply as a reference. The actual forms for your study abroad/away program will be delivered to you via email.

    Post-Acceptance Requirements



    Study Abroad Policies

    Study Abroad Participant Policy

    Study Abroad Refund Policy



    If you're a Viterbo faculty member interested in leading a study abroad/away trip, head to our Faculty Resources page to learn more!