Non Viterbo-Sponsored Programs

Spend a Semester, Full Year, or Summer Studying Abroad

Studying with our non Viterbo-sponsored programs gives you the option to choose where, what, and how long you want to study abroad. There are thousands of different options out there, and it can get overwhelming to choose the right one for you. The Study Abroad Office is here to help you navigate all those choices to find the best fit for you and your educational goals.

If you're interested in participating in a non Viterbo-sponsored program, please fill out an interest form.

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Peru Study Abroad

"I recommend studying abroad to everyone. This experience helped me get out of my comfort zone and explore a country, in a different primary language. I came back feeling more confident in speaking Spanish. Also, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the Peruvian culture and learn as much as I could. " - Tessa, Peru 2018

Advantages of Non Viterbo-Sponsored Programs

There are many advantages to studying through a non Viterbo-sponsored program. These include:

  • Spend more time abroad
  • Make more personal/professional connections
  • More choice with courses of study
  • More choice of location
  • Different options for housing
  • Can be more immersive in a new culture
  • Improve world language skills
  • Ability to combine with internship or volunteer work

Our Partners

To help narrow down your search for a program, Viterbo University works with program providers who we believe will serve our students with quality study abroad experiences. The following partners are a good place to start your search. The Study Abroad Office is happy to suggest other providers as well.

Academic Programs International (API) is a comprehensive international education organization offering study abroad, internship and experiential programs in 21  
API Logo with Tagline 2.png
countries and 47 cities around the world.  API aims to provide students with quality learning experiences abroad. API recognizes the many educational opportunities both inside and outside the classroom, and endeavors to take advantage of these opportunities by making them available to students. With a wide variety of coursesoffered in almost every major discipline and in various languages of instruction, it is easy for students to find a program that suits their academic and personal  interests. Scholarships may be available to Viterbo students participating in API programs through APIConnect.                                                                                                   

CIS Abroad logo


CISabroad is committed to providing affordable, meaningful, inclusive, and academically relevant study and internship programs that broaden perspectives, promote global awareness and encourage personal development while laying the foundation for participants to become engaged world citizens. CISabroad offers 120+ programs for 88 different majors, in 44 cities across 22 countries. 70% of all students receive scholarships, grants, or discounts to study or intern abroad. Housing, insurance, excursions, on-site support and much more are included in all CISabroad programs. Scholarships may be available to Viterbo students participating in CISabroad programs.


ISA byWS (1).png

ISA offers high-quality education abroad programming in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific, providing a range of study, internship and service-learning opportunities. Since 1987, ISA has facilitated cultural discovery and learning through partnerships with distinguished host institutions and through our knowledgeable team of resident directors. ISA staff members, in the U.S. and abroad, aim to ensure that you feel supported and valued throughout your program so that you can achieve maximum intercultural learning and fulfill your personal goals. Discounts and scholarships may be available to Viterbo students participating in ISA programs.


TEAN-byWS-logo (2) (1).png

The Education Abroad Network (TEAN): The Education Abroad Network (TEAN), now part of World Strides, offers a range of more than 60 adventurous, immersive, and unforgettable study and internship programs all over Asia Pacific. Since their founding in 1995, they have become the study abroad experts for Asia Pacific, with on-the-ground teams in all locations and over 30 partnerships with lead universities throughout the region.




Spanish Studies Abroad has been providing unique learning experiences to North American university-level students since 1969, in Spanish-speaking countries across the world. They offer academic years, semesters and short programs of 3 to 4 weeks in the summer in Spain),  Argentina, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. And don’t worry – you don’t need to be a pro-Spanish speaker to apply!


aifs abroad logo.png

AIFS has been providing study abroad programs since 1964. With a wide range of programs in Asia, Australia, Europe, South Africa, and the Americas, you're sure to find the perfect location for your study abroad. Unique opportunities with AIFS include: internships, volunteer work, and multi-destination study abroad. Scholarships may be available to Viterbo students participating in AIFS programs.


How to Choose Your Program

There are several things you'll want to consider when choosing your study abroad program. The best fit will depend on your goals for your study abroad experience and your personal preferences. The Study Abroad Office can help you identify these. A few things to consider are:

  • Academic Plans - What is your major? Are you studying a foreign language? What courses do you need for graduation?
  • Goals for Study Abroad - Why do you want to study abroad? What are you hoping to get out of it? How might it impact your future career?
  • Location - What type of environment are you looking to study in? What locations are significant to your major? What places are on your bucket list? What size campus fits you best?
  • Timing - When would it be best for you to study abroad? Should you consider a summer semester?
  • Finances - What is your budget for your study abroad experience? What kinds of financial aid and scholarships are available to you?
  • Student Life - What kind of student life do you want to experience? Do you have a housing preference? Special dietary needs? Hobbies and sports you're interested in?
Florence Study Abroad

"Studying abroad allows you to step outside of your comfort zone and experience other places along with their cultures. Being able to study abroad helped me reach a completely new level of independence I did not even know was possible." - Allison, Italy 2018

Intern Abroad

Are you interested in combining your international studies with professional experience? With many of our study abroad program providers, you have the option to add an international internship to your course schedule. Work alongside professionals in places like Spain, Ireland, England, and more for a resume-building experience that will help you stand out among other job applicants. Check out our Internship Page or contact us for more information! 

How to Apply for Non Viterbo-Sponsored Programs

Once you know where you want to study, here's how to apply!

1.) Before the program's application deadline, submit the following application materials to Nursing room 421, or via email to 

2.) After you've submitted these forms and have been approved by Viterbo, submit the program provider's application and complete any follow-up instructions they may have.

3.) Once you've officially been accepted into your program, send your program acceptance email from the program provider to Lea Gillies ( in order to receive approval to register for the correct GLST course and section number. This GLST course will serve as your place-holder course while away on your program until Viterbo receives your official transcript from the foreign institution you attended or from the program provider you used.

If at any point during the process of applying you have questions or feel overwhelmed, please do not hesitate to contact us!