Substance Abuse Counseling Minor

The Psychology Department at Viterbo Uni­versity recognizes that conditions of alcohol and other drug abuse or dependence profoundly impact individuals, families, institutions, and society. Substance abuse and dependence produce serious emotional, cognitive, social, vocational, financial, and spiritual consequences for individuals and families. Given the prevalence of substance abuse and dependence, individuals working in the array of human service fields will inevitably encounter clients, patients, co-workers, and/or acquaintances demonstrating these conditions. Example fields include psychology, nursing, social work, criminal justice, clergy, healthcare, educa­tion, and business.

The Substance Abuse Counseling minor facilitates development of the knowledge, skills, and at­titudes needed to identify and treat substance abuse issues including utilizing resources and referrals, and delivering effective intervention and treatment services. his program uses evidence-based training practices incor­porating digital video technology to provide students with immediate feedback on skill development.

Per Wisconsin state regulations, students who wish to obtain a Wisconsin state Substance Abuse Counselor certification must complete both 360 hours of classroom education and 4,000 hours of patient counseling experience. The requirements of the Substance Abuse Counseling minor meet the 360 hours of classroom education requirement.

The courses and recommended sequence for the minor include:

  • General Psychology (PSYC 171) 
  • Introduction to Chemical Dependency (PSYC 205) 
  • Interviewing and the Helping Relationship (PSYC 270) 
  • Psychopharmacology (PSYC 305) 
  • Behavior Disorders (PSYC 340) 
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Professional Issues (PSYC 423) 
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Professional Skills (PSYC 427)
  • Students majoring in psychology must complete one additional course from ADCT 440, 445, CRMJ 150, 351, PSYC 261, 342, 351, 365, 421, 422, 424, SOCL 150, 351, SOWK 332, 333, 334. This course may not be used as requirements for the psychology major.

Please refer to the substance abuse counseling minor information in the catalog for overviews of each class.

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