About Psychology

What is Psychology?

Psychology involves the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Psychological science explores a variety of topics including development, emotions, social influences on behavior, the brain, cognitive processes, and mental health. Psychology majors develop strong communication, critical thinking, and research skills, which prepare them for a variety of career opportunities. Some students pursue careers in counseling and work with children, adolescents, or adults with mental health and substance abuse issues. Others pursue careers in psychological research and work at universities or private research organizations. Still others use their background in psychology as a pathway into the business world or the service world of non-profit agencies.

Psychology at Viterbo

Some of the highlights of Viterbo University's psychology program are listed below.

  • Viterbo's psychology faculty have a diverse range of qualifications and interests so that students receive training in key areas of contemporary psychology, including: clinical and counseling psychology, developmental psychology, human cognition, social psychology, and behavioral neuroscience.
  • Students receive training that prepares them for employment and graduate school including:
    • working with faculty mentors to identify a fitting career path;
    • mock counseling scenarios that provide hands-on training in communication and interpersonal skills;
    • completing research projects to develop critical thinking and research skills;
    • experiential learning opportunities, such as internships in local service agencies and independent research projects with faculty mentors.
  • Digital video laboratory facilities for interviewing and counseling training.
  • Option to complete coursework required to become a licensed substance abuse counselor.

Exceptional undergraduate students seeking a bachelor's degree in psychology can apply to Viterbo's Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling (MSMHC) program for provisional admittance. Students who complete the 4+2 option bachelor's to master's option can complete their B.A. or B.S. in psychology in four years, and their Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling in two years.