Service Time Off

Viterbo University’s Service Time Off allows employees to support the Viterbo Core Value of Service, engage groups of employees in projects that benefit our community and create engagement opportunities that will enrich and inspire the lives of our employees.


All full-time and ongoing part-time (more than 20 hours per week) employees may engage in Viterbo group service projects in the community. Employees may use up to 20 hours per year. The hours of volunteer time will not be eligible to be paid at any overtime rate and also will not count toward a weekly determination of  whether other hours are to be paid at overtime.


Participation in Service Saturday, a group from staff assembly preparing meals together for the warming shelter, a group of employees who serve a meal together at the Place of Grace, participation in established Boys & Girls Club partnership activity at Mathy Center (Tutoring, art project, garden).

Not Eligible 

Individual volunteer activities. Activities that are intended for an organization whose primary purpose is to influence a political campaign. Participation in a golf tournament or run. Attendance at a Viterbo athletics event (on or off campus). Participation in rallies. Employees on a performance improvement plan or whose employment is scheduled to be terminated (resignation, retirement, dismissal) within the next 30 days are not eligible for this benefit.

To Participate

Employees must fill out the Service Time Off form and get supervisor approval at least two weeks in advance. The form should then be filed with Human Resources. Hourly employees will need to record the Service Time Off on the timesheet. Time must be taken in a minimum of a two-hour block. No more than 16 hours can be taken off continuously. Employees are eligible to take up to 20 hours of paid service time off per year. If the hours are not used in a calendar year, they do not carry over to the next year.


Why does it have to be part of a Viterbo group and just my normal volunteer activities? The program is intended to engage employees with one another while benefiting the community. This program is not intended to replace "normal" volunteer activities for an employee. 

What happens if I am injured wile engages in a service project off campus? The service time is considered paid time off. As a result Viterbo University is not liable for injuries during service project time off.

Do I have to take part in this? No. Participation is the service time off program is completely voluntary.

If my job requires me to participate in service activities with students, do I need to use this program for those activities? No, however you may participate in service activities that are not part of your position.

I would like to go on a spring break mission trip with Viterbo students. Does this qualify? Yes. However, if the trip is longer than two days you will need to take vacation for the remaining time. If you are asked to participate in the spring service break service trip by your supervisor as an official chaperone, you do not need to take part in this program for this assignment. 

I would like to accompany the honors program or a sports team on a trip where service is one part of the experience. Does this qualify?  Only the specific service part of the trip would qualify. the rest of of the time would need to be taken as vacation.

The administrative assembly fundraised for scholarships in the evening on campus. Does this count? No. The intent of the program is service that benefits the external community — not the Viterbo campus.

Service Time Off Form