New Employee FAQ

What do I do if...? 

I need a new name badge, door sign, desk plate, or business card

Contact for questions: Courtney Steinke in communications

I have a technology issue

Contact for questions: Chad Gilbeck in IIT

My information is not correct in the online directory

Contact: Courtney Steinke in communications

I need to reserve a meeting room

Contact: Maya Dougherty-Harris in Fine Arts Center

I have something I need to print

Contact: Karen Hurtgen in the copy center

I need materials created for an event or for promotional purposes
  • For materials (including but not limited to a poster, postcard, brochure, invitation, stickers, etc.) that need to be created and designed for university use, the communications department can help
  • Place a Workfront Request for a "Design Work Request Form"
  • How to put in a Workfront Request 

Contact: Courtney Steinke in communications

I need access to a webpage or changes need to be made on our webpage
  • Access to a webpage can be requested by submitting a Workfront Request as a "Website Issue"
    • Training will be required after editing capabilities are granted and is also available via appointment
  • Changes to the website can be submitted as a Workfront Request as a "Website Issue"

Contact: Courtney Steinke in communications

There is a physical issue with my office or workspace

Contact: Gene McCurdy in physical plant

I'd like a standing desk

Contact: Alicia Wolfert in Human Resources for ADA accommodation requests 

ContactAdam Conway in physical plant with any supervisor budget-approved standing desk request