Professional Nursing Sequence Overview

Currently enrolled students and transfer students, who have not been admitted to the professional nursing sequence through direct admission, may still apply to the professional nursing sequence, provided they meet all of the requirements.

  • Currently enrolled Viterbo students wishing to enter the professional nursing sequence must complete a formal Professional Nursing Sequence Application prior to the semester of desired entry.
  • Transfer students have the option to apply to the professional nursing sequence if they meet all of the requirements.
  • The size of each professional nursing sequence cohort of students is limited.
Viterbo admits two cohorts into the professional nursing sequence annually (fall and spring)
Fall Cohort
  • Completed prerequisites and in-process prerequisites during spring semester. The application deadline is April 1. 
  • Incomplete prerequisites in-process during summer. Students may apply at any time. Additional applicants will be notified of admission decisions on a rolling basis through June, July, and August. Admittance is dependent upon available seats. Applicants will be reviewed in order of course completion date and grade submission. The course grade may be submitted via an unofficial transcript or screen shot.
Spring Cohort
  • Completed prerequisites and in-process prerequisites during fall semester. The application deadline is Nov. 1.
Requirements for Both Cohorts
  • Applicants for the professional nursing sequence must have completed the following prerequisites by the end of the semester in which the application for admission to the professional nursing program is filed:
    • ENGL 103 or 105 or 195
    • PSYC 171
    • BIOL 104 and 114 (with grades of C or better)
    • CHEM 106 or 120 and 121 (with grades of C or better)
    • minimum Viterbo cumulative GPA of 2.75 
  • A Viterbo nursing math competency test must be successfully completed prior to submitting the application. (scheduled through the Academic Resource Center)
Application Process
  • The Nursing Admission Committee will review student records after the posting of current semester grades. The committee will admit the most qualified students based on a holistic review of items that may include cumulative GPA, cumulative GPA in prerequisite courses, science GPA, previous academic records, interview, essay, or other supplemental items. Preference for admission will be given to the most qualified students. The school may find it necessary to deny admission to a qualified applicant because of enrollment limits in the professional nursing sequence. Depending on the number of qualified applicants, meeting the minimum criteria for admission may not be sufficient to be admitted to the professional nursing sequence in the desired semester. Entrance is a competitive process.
  • Current Viterbo students who qualify, but are not admitted to the cohort of their choice due to enrollment limits will be guaranteed a spot in the next cohort. These students need to remain enrolled full time at Viterbo and maintain the academic criteria, such as cumulative GPA and prerequisite grade requirements.
  • Students who do not qualify may submit an application for a subsequent cohort. Applications are not automatically carried forward. Applicants who have applied in the past are given no special consideration and are reviewed as a member of the current applicant pool.
Accepted Students

Once a student is admitted into the professional nursing sequence they will be required to provide evidence of the following prior to the first nursing course:

  • Current CPR for Professionals card from the American Heart Association – BLS for Health Care Providers
  • Current documentation of CNA certification (any state accepted)
  • Completed nursing immunization records including COVID-19 vaccination (full-series)
  • Completed physical examination form (available link online and will be included with acceptance letters.) Nursing physical form
  • Nursing Math Test must be successfully completed through the Academic Resource Center.

CNA Certification Resources



For additional questions/information please contact Peggy Kirkey at the Viterbo School of Nursing.

Note: Specific requirements may change based on regulatory, licensing, and/or certification needs.

Progression in the Professional Nursing Program

In order to progress in the Professional Nursing Program, students must:

  • earn a minimum grade of C in BIOL 296 or repeat the course until a grade of C or better is earned.
  • earn grades of C or higher in all nursing courses.
    • Students who earn grades of CD or lower in a nursing course will be placed on probation and must earn grades of C or better in all remaining nursing courses.
    • A grade of D or F will require the course be repeated.
  • maintain a minimum Viterbo cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher throughout the nursing program.

Transfer credits do not impact Viterbo cumulative.