Academic Program Assessment Committee (APAC)

The Academic Programs Assessment Committee (APAC) was established by the Faculty Council and the Academic Vice President to foster an atmosphere of continuous improvement in undergraduate programs, general education, and graduate programs. The committee provides faculty oversight in implementing the Viterbo University Assessment Plan, keeping the university community apprised of expectations for procedures and quality of assessment, and recommending policies and procedures for program quality improvement. 

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Develop and implement policies and procedures for annual documentation of assessment work within all academic programs (general education, undergraduate programs, and graduate programs).
  2. Provide formative feedback to departments and schools on the quality of assessment activities and use of assessment evidence to ensure effective, high-quality, and sustainable assessment procedures.
  3. Provide an annual report to the Academic Vice President, the Deans’ Council, the Faculty Council, and the Viterbo University community.
  4. Support assessment-related faculty development activities to promote a culture of assessment, including continuing education for all faculty, and training for new full-time faculty and adjunct faculty.
  5. Recognize departments and units that engage in high-quality or innovative assessment practices that contribute to significant improvements in the quality of student learning at Viterbo University.
  6. Contribute to the establishment and maintenance of a culture of continuous improvement by establishing faculty-driven expectations for ongoing, timely, and high-quality assessment practices and by keeping apprised of trends and expectations for assessment.

Academic Program Assessment Committee Members

  • College of Business, Performing Arts and Leadership:  Rochelle Brooks, Erin Jerozal
  • School of Education:  Scott Mihalovic
  • College of Engineering, Letters, and Sciences:  Michael Alfieri
  • College of Nursing and Health:  Deb Daehn Zellmer, Julie Meyers
  • Core Curriculum Committee Director, or designee:  John Robinson
  • Director of Assessment and Institutional Research, ex officio:  Naomi Stennes-Spidahl

Academic Program Assessment Review Form