Core Curriculum

LIVE Mission Statement

In the tradition of our Catholic, Franciscan heritage and our firm foundation in the Liberal Arts, Viterbo University's general education program prepares students to live and work in our global society, affirm the dignity of all people, embrace a passion for justice, revere the natural world, and nurture a spirit of inquiry and a love of truth.

Current catalog list of LIVE courses
Co-Counting Mission Seminars

LIVE Structure


8 credits - first and second year
Foundations core component provides basic skills that are essential for a student’s discipline, upper-level courses, and as preparation to be broadly trained citizens of the world.  Students should demonstrate that they have attained these skills within their first two years. These requirements may be satisfied in multiple ways including courses approved by the Core Curriculum Committee (majors courses, support course or LIVE courses), portfolio for prior learning, entry qualifications, CLEP/AP.

Mission Seminars

12 credits
These courses are fundamental to the Catholic, liberal arts focus of Viterbo University. These courses are tied closely to Viterbo's mission and the mission of the general education program. The central purpose is to engage students in interdisciplinary discussion-based seminars in the areas and responsibilities that we all share across specialized academic majors and vocations. These sequenced seminars help students understand leadership and to apply multiple perspectives and integrate what they are learning in the various components of LIVE.

Ways of Thinking

25 credits
Ways of Thinking courses engage students in a variety of dimensions so they understand past, present, self and others. In addition, the courses provide students with the tools to acquire new knowledge when faced with new situations and intellectual contexts with which to situate new knowledge.

Total Credits – 45 (As few as 33 credits with co-counting between Mission Seminars and Ways of Thinking).