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Celebration of Faculty Scholarship

Thanks to all who presented and attended the

Celebration of Faculty Scholarship

on Friday, November 3, 2017 – 3:30-5:00 p.m.
Fine Arts Center Main Theatre Lobby

This wine and cheese event provides a venue for faculty to share their scholarship and artistic work, learn about others’ work, and for all employees to enjoy the company of colleagues in a celebratory setting. Thirty faculty whose work has been published, performed, or presented at a conference, disciplinary meeting, or other comparable venue since September of the previous year will be sharing their work.  Join us for food, conversation, and door prizes!  The event is a partnership between the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development.  Please note that this wine and cheese event is for faculty, administrators, staff, and invited guests only.

Questions about the Celebration of Faculty Scholarship can be sent to Bill Bakalars (wrbakalars@viterbo.edu), Scott Gabriel (segabriel@viterbo.edu), or Becky Byrnes (rsbyrnes@viterbo.edu).

Stay tuned for the 2018 Celebration of Faculty Scholarship!

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