Chosen First Name Policy

Viterbo University recognizes that members of the campus community may prefer to identify by a first name other than their legal first name. For this reason, the University provides students and employees with an opportunity to use a Chosen Name where possible in the course of University business and education.


Legal Name: A first name that appears on an individual’s passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, visa, military identification, or U.S. social security card.

Chosen First Name: A name that an individual wishes to be known or identified by in the University community that is different from their legal name; this can include nicknames, aliases, and/or chosen names. The use of profane, obscene, hate-speech-derived, offensive or derogatory names will not be permitted as a chosen first name.

Some areas Chosen First Name will appear:

  • Admissions Decision Letters
  • Honors Program Lists
  • Class Rosters
  • Faculty Advisee Lists
  • Degree Audit
  • Dean’s List
  • Diploma (based on how student completes the Graduation Application)
  • Moodle
  • Email Display Name
  • Residence Life Rosters
  • Athletics Rosters
  • Directory

Some areas Legal First Name will appear:

  • Financial Aid and Business Office Documents and Communication
  • Official and Unofficial Transcript
  • Federal Request for Information
  • Enrollment Verifications/National Student Clearinghouse
  • Health, Insurance, Medical Documents
  • Paychecks and Employment Paperwork
  • Tax Documents
  • Study Abroad and Study Away documents
  • International Student Visa Status
  • Student Identification Card*

*Recognizing that the Viterbo University Student Identification Card is a registered voter ID, these cards will display the student’s legal first name unless otherwise directed. Students may request an ID card displaying their chosen first name at no additional charge however, displaying the chosen first name will render the ID card ineligible for voter identification. To request a new ID card with chosen name, students should contact the Physical Plant.

Name Change Process

Chosen Name

If you would like to change your Chosen Name please note that changing your chosen first name for certain records does not change your legal first name with Viterbo University. Chosen first name can be changed in VitNet Self-Service or with a change of information form and does not require any official documentation.

Once in VitNet Self-Service you can change your User Profile including your chosen name and pronouns. Once your User Profile is updated with your chosen name and pronouns, updates are automatically shared to internal university systems listed above (ex. Outlook & Moodle) within 24 hours. Viterbo students and employees can access a step by step guide on IIT Sharepoint site on how to update their User Profile and Emergency Contact Information.

Student User Profile and Emergency Information Guide

Employee User Profile and Emergency Information Guide

Legal Name

To change a legal name, a change of information form should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar and requires official documentation.

If you have questions, concerns, or would like support regarding the Chosen Name Policy or process please reach out to Maria Moreno, Title IX and Equity Coordinator at