Campus Climate Survey

Purpose of the Campus Climate Survey

The Social Justice and Equity Committee conducted the Viterbo Campus Climate survey in April 2019. The survey asked students and employees to reflect on their experience at Viterbo in general and as related to diversity and inclusion. Topics covered in the survey included:

(1) classroom experience

(2) use of student services

(3) interactions with others on campus

(4) participation in campus activities.

The survey asked respondents about their opinions on the importance of diversity in higher education. It asked about the extent to which Viterbo emphasizes and supports diversity on campus. It also asked about the experiences that shape respondents’ attitudes toward diversity. The goals of the survey are to help us better understand campus community members’ experience with and perception of diversity and inclusion at this institution, and to make Viterbo a more welcoming place for all students and employees. We intend to identify where we can improve with regards to campus climate and determine where more education/training is needed to promote diversity and inclusion.

Spring 2019 Assessment Results