Summer Housing Frequently Asked Questions

Who can stay on campus?

A student who is either registered for fall 2021 classes or graduating at the end of the 2021 summer term. If you are either a student graduating in May 2021 (and in need of summer housing), or a student that would like to request special arrangements, contact You do not need to be taking summer classes to stay on campus. There are many residents who work full-time off-campus that stay for the summer.

If you are signing up for a specific program, contact your Program Coordinator to see the housing arrangements they have made for your program.

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

The cost for summer housing is listed on the undergraduate summer housing and graduate summer housing information web pages. The cost for your stay depends on the number of other residents you prefer to stay with. Summer rates are based on a Sunday to Sunday weekly rate. There is an additional $5 program fee for any resident staying longer than two weeks. This fee goes towards the Summer RA programs that are put on for residents throughout the summer. There is more information below regarding the program fee.

Once you submit your summer housing reservation, the business office will update your student account through VitNet for the amount you owe. This is typically done the first week of May. If you make any changes to your summer housing reservation, the business office will update your student account. If you are not a Viterbo University student, the Office of Residence Life will contact you regarding payment.

What apartment will I be in and who will be my roommate(s)?

Depending on the number of summer residents staying on campus, residents will stay in one of the apartment buildings. Final housing arrangements are determined in early May and residents will be emailed their room assignments the first week of May.

On the summer housing reservation, you have the choice to list your room, floor, and roommate preferences. Apartment and roommate assignments are based on a few different factors—the immediacy of getting placed in summer housing, similar stay times for the summer, and if requested to be roommates. Your floor level request will be taken into account as best as possible for your room location.

In the case that your next school year’s housing assignment is in the summer housing apartments, the Office of Residence Life will try its best to place you in your future apartment to reduce the number of moves you have to make. However, this may not be possible in all cases due to other circumstances. Also, if you are currently living in the summer housing apartment, you may be able to remain in your current room assignment rather than making an additional move.

When do I move into summer housing?

Most residents will move into their summer apartments the second week of summer. Some summer residents may need to move during finals week of spring semester due to planned renovations to their residence hall or apartment. If you plan on staying only for the first three weeks of summer, you will typically stay in your school year housing assignment. If you plan to move into on-campus housing anytime after summer starts (for example, the month of July), you will move directly into your summer apartment when you arrive.

How do I check out of my school year room and move into my summer apartment?

Depending on when you will be moving, you will receive an email for when your summer apartment is ready for you to move in. Your new key and housing inventory will be available in the Office of Residence Life at this time and your student ID will be activated for the summer apartment. When you are all moved into your summer apartment, you may call the RA on call at 608-796-3600 to check you out of your school year room and your student ID will be deactivated from there. When you are all moved into your new apartment, complete your new housing inventory and turn it into the Office of Residence Life. Moving carts are available through the Office of Residence Life.

Who are the summer Resident Assistants (RAs) and what do they do?

The summer RAs are current Viterbo University students and they reside in summer housing along with the other residents. They go through an interview and selection process, and if selected, they attend an orientation and training in the spring semester leading up to the summer session. The names of the RAs will be provided on your summer housing assignment. They perform a number of responsibilities such as handle the checking-in and out process, complete nightly rounds, design door decorations, sort student mail, organize summer programs, and a number of other duties. One RA is always on call and they can be reached at 608-796-3600 24 hours a day.

What is the $5 program fee and how is it used?

The $5 program fee for any resident staying longer than two weeks goes towards the Summer RA programs for summer residents. This amount will be added to your student account along with your housing charge. During the summer, each summer Resident Assistant will organize a program for residents staying on campus. These programs range from a cookout, book club, bonfire, and attending a La Crosse Loggers baseball game. The fee will help cover the expenses for the programs. Typically, there are no additional charges for any of the Summer RA programs. If you have a program idea, contact one of your summer RAs to suggest it.

When do I move into my fall housing assignment?

In early to mid-August you will move out of summer housing and into your fall housing assignment. You will receive an email in early August for this transition.

What do I do about food for the summer?

Campus Dining services are closed during the summer. There is a stove, oven, and fridge provided in your summer apartment, and a microwave is provided in the basement for you to prepare meals. Many residents bring cookware to prepare meals.

When is the mailroom open and will I still receive my mail and packages?

The mailroom will be open regular hours over the summer. Your mail will continue to be sorted and put into your mailbox in the Student Union as long as you are residing on campus this summer. Please continue to check this regularly.

How much does it cost to park during the summer and where can I park?

Viterbo parking permits are not needed for the summer. Make sure you are parked in a Resident Lot (Lots D, F, L, N, O, and Q) if you will have a vehicle here for the summer. 

What if I need to cancel or adjust my summer housing reservation?

Contact as soon as possible to update your reservation, billing, and room assignment.

Other Summer tips

Use your next year’s storage unit if you do not want to take your items to your summer apartment.

Have a lot of plastic tubs and boxes? Borrow a cart from the Office of Residence Life. Call the RA on-call, 608-796-3600, to help you check one out

Keep an extra box or plastic tub to put extra items that may not fit (i.e., too many pots and pans? Pack them in a tub and put them in your closet or storage). That way you have those items with you in case you do need them, no need to call mom and dad to send a pot back to school.