Housing Costs and Eligibility

The residence hall and apartment room rates, meal plan rates, and other fee information can be found on the Viterbo University Business Office Student Information page.

Note that students residing on campus are required to purchase a meal plan. When computing the semester Room and Board charge, you must add the room rate to the meal plan rate.

Contracts are sign for an entire academic year. You may cancel your contract for the following academic year until Aug. 1. For more information on the contract release guidelines and process, see the Release from Housing and Dining form

  • The Office of Student Life provides on-campus living accommodations for undergraduate and graduate students. Students must be registered and full time (exceptions may be made by the Office of Residence Life for special circumstances).

  • On-campus housing is required for first-year and sophomore students. Housing is not guaranteed for all students that request housing. (Assignments are made in the order in which the university receives the completed housing application and the required housing deposit.) Students who submit a housing application and pay a housing deposit early have the greatest likelihood of receiving an on-campus assignment.

  • If a student withdraws from the university, they must vacate the residence hall or apartment no later than 48 hours after withdrawal.

  • Any resident whose contract is terminated for disciplinary, financial, health, or safety reasons from one residence hall or apartment will not be allowed to reside in another residence hall or apartment during his or her suspension period.

  • Residents are required to pay for any damages, lost property, or unnecessary service costs incurred through accident, neglect, or intent.

  • The residence halls close during designated breaks and students are required to vacate during those times. Exceptions are made only for students with academic or sports team commitments and students whose residence is more than 1,000 miles from the university.

  • All residential students are required to carry a meal plan. First-year residents are required to be on the Tier 1 Meal Plan for their first year. Sophomores have the ability to choose between the Tier 1 and the Tier 2 Meal Plan; juniors and seniors have the ability to choose any of the tiered meal plans offered.