Early Move In Policy
  1. Early move in requires a written request, which must be made to the Office of Residence Life by Aug. 1st and show evidence of extraordinary circumstance and need for early move in.
  2. The student’s written request is followed with written approval or denial of early move in by the Office of Residence Life.
  3. Requests for early move in are rarely approved. Early arrival is not permitted earlier than seven days before the start of the semester (unless previously arranged through a Viterbo employee and approved by Residence Life as part of a class, team, or performance).
  4. Students are billed $20 for each day stayed prior to the move in date (for students of similar class standing). The total amount is billed to the student’s account during the first week of classes. Students with permanent addresses of 1000 miles or further from campus will not be charged, as long as they follow the process as written in this policy.
  5. Students are charged an additional $50 fee if the written request is not submitted by the August 1st deadline.
  6. Students arriving to move in without 48 hours prior written notice are charged a one-time $100 penalty in addition to the $20/day fee.
  7. Unauthorized early arrivals may be asked to leave and face disciplinary action.