Transfer Credit

Looking For Transfer Credits We Accept from Your Previous Institution?


Using TES to Find Transfer Matches from Your Previous Institution:

Click on the Embedded "Institution Search" bar below to look up your previous Institution.

A list of courses from our transfer database will appear. Scroll through the list for information on transfer equivalencies: the transfer credit Viterbo University may grant will be listed next to the course from the other Institution.

TES is an unofficial tool to help show how your previous Institution's credits may transfer. Official transfer evaluations are performed through the Registrar's Office after admittance into a Viterbo University program. Any appeals for transfer credit evaluations can be made by contacting the Registrar's Office at and providing a course syllabus.



Looking For a Replacement Course From Another Institution to Replace a Viterbo University Degree Requirement?


Using Transferology to Find a Replacement Course:

Click on this Transferology link to explore Institutions where we accept transfer credit for specific Viterbo University courses.



You will need to create a log-in on the Transferology webpage to start.

Then, choose "Find a Replacement Course".

Search by Department, add the course you are looking to replace, and click "Search for Matches". This will show you a list of Institutions where we may accept transfer credit from.

For an official evaluation of transfer credits, don't forget to fill out our Transfer Course Request form.

Transferology is an unofficial tool to help search for Institutions where we might accept credit. Transfer information is not considered guaranteed unless a Transfer Course Request form is submitted and approved by the Registrar's Office.