• Academic Policy Exception Form - To seek an exception to an academic policy
  • Add/Drop/Schedule Change Form
    This form should be completed when special add or drop permissions are required (if the add/drop is not able to be completed in VitNet Self-Service):
    • Add or Drop a class after the add/drop window in VitNet Self-Service
    • Requisite Override
    • Class Capacity Override
    • Time Overlap Override
    • Instructor Consent/Permission
    • UG students adding GR level course
    • Audit a course
    • Change course to CR/NC
  • Application for Certificate
    To be completed by students once they have completed all course requirements for their Viterbo certificate. This form is used in posting and ordering the certificate. Form will not be accepted later than six months after the last day of the term in which course requirements for the program were completed.
  • Application for Degree
    To be completed by most students during the registration process for their final semester at Viterbo. Form is used to relay information to candidates for graduation about the ceremony and other events associated with Commencement. It is also used in ordering diplomas. Absolute deadline is Jan. 15 for May/Summer graduates and Sep. 15 for December graduates. This form should also be completed by MAEd students, educational leadership track (Iowa) who will complete requirements in May or December. Any MAEd student who will complete requirements in the summer, including with Proseminar, will be sent materials which include the information on the Application for Degree form.
  • Application for Academic Forgiveness
    Students who reenter Viterbo University after a minimum of two years absence from Viterbo University may apply for academic forgiveness of previous course work at Viterbo.
  • Application for Reentry
    To be completed by students returning to Viterbo to complete a program in the same degree as when they were in attendance previously. Students should select the appropriate online application and select the appropriate answer to the question about having attended Viterbo before. The application will indicate you are a reentry student automatically. Deadline is Aug. 1 for fall semester, Dec. 15 for spring semester, and April 1 for summer.
  • Change of Grade - used by faculty to change a grade
  • Change of Address - Students should complete this form to an enact address or hometown newspaper change. You can log directly into VitNet Self-Service in order to change your phone or e-mail.
  • Change of Name - email registrar@viterbo.edu
  • Change or Declare Graduate Certificate/Track/Emphasis Form (Academic Changes GR) - To be completed by students declaring a specific focus of the MBA/MASL programs, changing tracks in the Graduate Nursing program, or changing/adding programs within Educational Leadership.
  • Change of Major/Minor/Catalog/Advisor (Academic Changes UG) - Use this form to change/add/delete a major or minor, change catalogs, or request an advisor change (undergraduate students).
  • Cooperative Program with the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
    This program allows Viterbo and UWL students to take courses at each campus on a space available basis. Other restrictions apply. Please see policy on form or in the catalog for additional information.
  • Curriculum Change Forms
  • Incomplete Grade Request
    To be completed on the rare occasion when an incomplete grade needs to be submitted. See the Undergraduate Catalog or the Graduate Catalog for the incomplete grade policy and the respective Important Dates page for electronic submission deadline.
  • Independent Study
    Form to be returned to the Registrar's Office by the end of the first week of the semester (deadline to add a course). Must be approved and signed by the student, instructor, and school dean. See the Undergraduate Catalog or the Graduate Catalog for more information.
  • Permission to Waive/Substitute Degree Requirements Form
    Form should be submitted when any changes are made to a student's required coursework. Upon approval and submission to the registrar's office the changes (waiver or substitution) is reflected in the student's degree audit.
  • School of Humanities Graduation Requirement Completion Form
    To be used by students majoring in programs in the School of Humanities. This form will notify the registrar's office of completion of the requirement so the degree audit can reflect completion of the requirement.
  • Senior Citizen Educational Enrichment Program
    Persons 62 years of age or older are able to audit Viterbo coursework at no charge on a space available basis for fall or spring semesters Other restrictions apply. Please click through for forms and additional information.
  • Transfer Course Request
    Students should complete this form if they wish to take a course at another college or university. If completed correctly, and prior to attendance at another school, this form provides a "guarantee" of transfer.
  • Withdrawal Request
    Students should use this online form to COMPLETELY withdraw (drop ALL classes) from Viterbo University after the semester has started. Students submitting this form will have all classes removed from their schedule and tuition and financial aid adjusted. Students wishing to drop a portion of their classes for the term should use VitNet, or stop into the Registrar's Office.