Credit/No Credit

(Last updated, 10/10/2016)

Departments may designate courses as eligible for credit or no credit grading. The following courses have been designated as such. Courses not listed are either only graded with letter grades or only graded as credit or no credit. See the graduate or undergraduate catalog for the credit or not credit policy.

ARTS 103 Studio Based Intro to Art
ARTS 105 Introduction to Art
ARTS 107 Prspctves in Drawing
ARTS 121 Foundations Drawing II
ARTS 160 Fndations Art History
ARTS 239 Intermediate Design
ARTS 339 Advanced Design
ARTS 350 Art Hist Early Modrnism
ARTS 420 Independent Project
ARTS 489 Advanced Studio Problems
BIOL 232 Exprnces Field Biology
BIOL 348 Evolutionary Medicine
COMM 115 Intro Visual Communication
COMM 140 Prncples Visual Cmmnctn
COMM 141 Typography
COMM 223 Web Dsgn and Dvlpmnt
COMM 230 Media Tchnlgy Cultre
COMM 231 Video, Film, and Animation
COMM 442 Advanced Motion Media
CRMJ 150 Intro to Crimnal Justice
CRMJ 203 Police in Amercn Society
CRMJ 240 Crim Procdre Evid Invest
CRMJ 280 Corrections
CRMJ 370 Intro to Criminal Law
CRMJ 380 Commnty Based Corrctions
CRMJ 406 Constitutional Law
DANC 110 Fundamentals of Dance
DANC 214 Ballet I
DANC 230 Tap Dance I
DANC 270 Muscal Theatre Dance I
DANC 314 Ballet II
DANC 322 Stretchng and Flexblty
DANC 360 Dance Composition
DANC 414 Ballet III
DANC 430 Tap Dance III
ENGL 099 Pre-College English
ENGL 103 Composition
ENGL 104 Composition and Lit
ENGL 201 News Reprting and Wrting
ENGL 204 Environmental Literature
ENGL 208 The Short Story
ENGL 220 Survey American Lit I
ENGL 221 Survey American Lit II
ENGL 231 Survey British Lit I
ENGL 232 Survey British Lit II
ENGL 303 Modern British Novel
ENGL 307 Argumentative Writing
ENGL 309 World Literature
ENGL 310 Creative Non-Fiction
ENGL 311 Creative Writing Fiction
ENGL 312 Creative Writing Poetry
ENGL 320 American Renaissance
ENGL 321 American Masterpieces
ENGL 322 Amrcan Fction since 1945
ENGL 324 American Novel to 1900
ENGL 325 American Novel to 1945
ENGL 326 British Novel to 1900
ENGL 336 Shakespeare
ENGL 338 Renss/17th Cent Brit Lit
ENGL 341 Greek and Roman Lit
ENGL 345 European Novel
ENGL 346 Women Writers to 1700
ENGL 347 Women Writers After 1700
ENGL 354 Western Masterpieces
ENGL 370 18th-Century Britsh Lit
ENGL 375 English Romantic Lit
ENGL 380 Victorian Literature
ENGL 385 Modern/Contmporary Poets
ENGL 390 Pnt of View and Narrtive
ENGL 394 Lit for Young Adults
ENGL 395 English Grammars
ENGL 396 Hist of English Lang
ENGL 401 Tutoring of Wrtng Semnar
ENGL 480 Lit Criticism and Theory
ESCI 103 Earth Science
ETHL 531 Intrprsl Org Excllnc I
ETHL 532 Intrprsl Org Excllnc II
HONR 355 Smnr Hmnities Sympsm
HONR 356 Smnr Ethical Ldrshp
INTP 444 Intcultrl Cmptnc Ethics
LASP 336 Latin America Thru Film
LASP 350 Hlth Care Latin Amerca
MATH 111 Intermediate Algebra
MATH 112 College Algebra
MATH 113 Trigonometry
MATH 130 Introductory Statistics
MATH 155 Math a Way of Thinking
MATH 220 Calculus I
MATH 221 Calculus II
MATH 230 Elements of Statistics
MATH 255 Math Elem and Mid Tchrs
MATH 260 Intro to Abstract Math
MATH 270 Managerial Mathematics
MATH 320 Calculus III
MATH 340 Linear Algebra
MATH 365 Mathematical Modeling
MGMT 101 Introduction to Business
MGMT 305 Project Management
MGMT 379 Ethics and Technology
MGMT 501 Foundations of Business
MGMT 587 Internship
OMGT 379 Ethics and Technology
PHIL 302 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 310 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 315 Ethics and the Law
PHIL 316 Philosophy in Literature
PHIL 321 Ethics and Medicine
PHIL 340 Phlsphy of Human Person
PHIL 360 Political Philosophy
PHIL 365 Philsphy Latin America
PHIL 400 Seminar Ethics
PHIL 490 Practicum
PHYS 102 Physical Science
PSYC 344 Sports Psychology
PSYC 374 Positive Psychology
PSYC 421 Family Therapy
PSYC 499 Psychology Capstone
RLST 311 Gospels
RLST 348 Franciscan Theology
RLST 360 Thlgy of Pastral Minstry
RLST 380 Envrnmental Spirituality
RLST 425 Christology
RLST 450 Sacraments
RLST 465 Christian Morality
SOCL 125 Introdction to Sociology
SOCL 150 Intro to Crimnal Justice
SOCL 245 Sociology of Sports
SOCL 310 Sociology of Gender
SOCL 320 Racial and Ethnic Groups
SOCL 330 Cultural Anthropology
SOCL 345 Marriage and Family
SOCL 359 Envrnmntl Sociology
SOCL 430 Sociological Theory
SPAN 336 Latin America Thru Film
SPAN 456 Socl Mvmts Latin Amerca
SVLD 260 Servant Leadership
SVLD 553 Ritual and Celebration
SVLD 557 Prophetic Leadership
SVLD 565 Stewardship
UNST 110 Career and Life Plan