The Mathy Center has two conference rooms, one on the first floor and another on the second floor. Meetings, seminars, educational discussions, presentations, and etc. take place in the conference rooms on a daily basis. These rooms are also shared spaces between Viterbo and the Boys & Girls Club.  

The first floor conference room, AMC 129, can be set up in multiple ways: board room, classroom, and etc. The conference room fits 25 individual comfortably around the table, board room style. In addition to the table, the conference room is equipped with a blackboard, tables, 20 chairs, screen and projector, as well as has a small sink area.

The second floor conference room, AMC 203, is the smaller of the two conference room with only one long table which fits ten individuals comfortably. It is perfect for small groups. The room is equipped with a blackboard, table and 10 chairs. The conference room is not equipped with a projector or screen, but space is available for these items.

Reservations Guidelines

Requests for the conference rooms need to be submitted to Danita Doerre at (608) 796-3747 or and include date, start and end time and name of group requesting use.

Use Guidelines

1. Equipment

If requested, and as time and availability permit, staff will set-up standard conference room equipment. Otherwise, equipment set-up and operation will be left to the conference room users.

Basic instructions for the operation of standard equipment are posted on the conference room bulletin boards, and copies are available upon request. All users must first complete the mandatory orientation prior to using the Mathy Center conference room facilities.

Mathy Center staff will not assume responsibility for setting-up or operating outside equipment brought in by conference room users. Any outside equipment must be removed immediately following the event. 

2. Food/Beverages

Any leftover food or beverages brought in for the event are to be removed immediately after the scheduled event. No items are to be left in the refrigerator. Alcohol is not permitted in the Amie L. Mathy Center.

Dining Ware: Conference room users will be responsible for supplying their own dining ware (cups, plates, utensils, napkins, etc.) and removing any excess immediately after the scheduled event.